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  • Summer Is Here!

    June 30, 2015

    Your customers think they're ready for a long and relaxing summer, but stress takes over when their Galaxy S6, iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy Core Prime becomes damaged. Whether damage is from a fall on a hike or a drop into the ocean, your customers need cases and other accessories to protect their investments. Come along with MyCoolCell as we show off our summer essentials for every personality.

    If the beach is the goal all summer, offer Dog & Bone products, such as Wetsuit. These items couldn't be more shockproof, sandproof, waterproof or dirtproof. Offer customers a demonstration of this top-quality product, and they'll be buying them in droves.

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  • Samsung Galaxy S6

    May 11, 2015

    Your customers have been waiting a long time to hold the new Samsung Galaxy S6, and the time has almost arrived. This smartphone is on the cusp of the next generation of phones. Its brilliant display is so crisp that photos come out like they were taken by professional photographers and cameras. Who can say that about their cellphone? Samsung has put considerable innovation into the Galaxy S6's two cameras, giving customers time for selfies or family photo ops almost every minute. This sleek smartphone must be accompanied by the hottest accessories too, right? Step into our virtual marketplace to discover all the Galaxy S6 cellphone accessories MyCoolCell offers our loyal resellers.

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  • Brand New MyCoolCell Wholesale Site Launch Coming Soon To Serve Resellers Even Better

    April 16, 2013

    We are pleased to announce that we will be launching our new wholesale site within the next week or so. Our hope is that the new site will make your MyCoolCell shopping experience smoother than ever before. From the time you start to browse through our products, be it on your computer, your iPad or your phone, until the time you checkout, we think you’ll find that shopping at MyCoolCell will be easier and faster than it was before. Look for the new site soon!

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  • MyCoolCell To Launch New Wholesale Website Optimized for Smartphones, Tablets & PC's

    March 21, 2013

    Here at MyCoolCell, we are working very hard to bring our new wholesale website online as soon as possible so that you, our valued reseller, can browse our site in a breeze using your PC, Tablet, and even your Smartphone!

    We want to make sure we are serving you in the best way possible with the latest technology combined with this new ability to order your favorite wholesale accessories from any device! Read more →

  • MyCoolCell Would Like to Wish You a Happy & Safe New Year!

    December 26, 2012

    As 2012 comes to a close, the MyCoolCell Team would like to wish all our resellers a Happy & Safe New Year! We also look forward to serving you better in the new year to come, and to do that, we are upgrading our wholesale site to increase our efficiency and to help you our valued reseller to become much more profitable as a result in the process.

    We appreciate any feedback you would like to post here on our blog to better serve you in 2013, Read more →

  • LifeProof Cases Vs. The World's Elements

    December 5, 2012

    LifeProof is a company that's in the business of protecting iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. Specifically, they're in the business of protecting these devices against four hazards that want to destroy these Apple devices: water, dirt, snow and shocks.

    Owners of Apple's various mobile devices love their gadgets so much that they want to take them everywhere. "Everywhere" includes in the pool, on the surfboard, while snorkeling and while yachting. However, if that iPad gets dunked into a chlorine-filled pool without a case, the next place it will go with its owner is into a repair shop. Read more →

  • Incipio CODE Cases & Covers from MyCoolCell

    October 31, 2012

    Incipio Cases Covers Wholesale for iPhone 5 & 4 Youtube Video Link

    Many cell phone and smartphone users want both maximum protection and innovative design for the new iPhone will really like the Incipio CODE case for the iPhone 5. Many cases that offer great smartphone and cell phone protection are sturdy, but bland in their designs. They tend to come in solid colors; even when bright color varieties are available, the experience is still bland.

    The Incipio CODE case is different. The back of the case has a pattern of transparent hexagons in different colors that break up the solid color of the case while providing a raised surface Read more →

  • The Hot New iPhone 5 Features & Benefits

    October 10, 2012

    The eagerly awaited Apple iPhone 5 has lots of great new features like 4G capability, bigger screen and better camera along with iOS 6 with much more funtionality but less secure mobile plateform (e.g. for example, someone with access to your device like a jealous lover or stalker could install a free app like Finder that would let him or her monitor and track your whereabouts), as well as many updates and improvements over the iPhone 4 features and apps.

    Speaking of the cameras, the resolution of the graphics on iPhone 5—everything you see from pictures to e-mail to web pages—is crisp and incredibly detailed. Apple engineers have developed a smaller pixel, enabling them to cram 400% more pixels into the 3.5 inch screen, resulting in striking images, even at an angle. Read more →

  • The New Iphone 5 What to Expect

    September 17, 2012

    Iphone 5 is such a hot item this season that the projected number of sales will be off the charts for a new smartphone release! The new Iphone 5 will be more robust in every way, making it the most complete smartphone to own on the market today. Watch for more details here on our blog about the new Iphone 5, and how to best use it's capabilities and features for your maximum benefit.

    There are plenty of reasons to get the iPhone 5, thanks to its high-resolution four inch Retina display, 4G LTE support, faster processor, and improved camera. At this point it's pretty clear that initial demand will be strong and that securing one relatively Read more →

  • Three Unusual Device Accessories from MyCoolCell That are Very Cool

    August 22, 2012

    Are you getting all that you can out of your smartphone or your mobile device? By themselves, smartphones and tablet computers are already amazing devices that provide a wide range of functionality. However, what truly expands the capacities of your mobile devices are the mobile device accessories, such as those at MyCoolCell. Here’s a look at three of the most unusual accessories we sell. Once you see these accessories in action, you’ll want them for yourself!

    1. Music Angel Mobile Speakers

    Sure, you could get an expensive docking station that only works with your iPhone or your iPod. Instead of an elaborate docking station, why not opt for a simple Music Angel mobile speaker? Read more →

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