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  • Samsung Galaxy S6

    Your customers have been waiting a long time to hold the new Samsung Galaxy S6, and the time has almost arrived. This smartphone is on the cusp of the next generation of phones. Its brilliant display is so crisp that photos come out like they were taken by professional photographers and cameras. Who can say that about their cellphone? Samsung has put considerable innovation into the Galaxy S6's two cameras, giving customers time for selfies or family photo ops almost every minute. This sleek smartphone must be accompanied by the hottest accessories too, right? Step into our virtual marketplace to discover all the Galaxy S6 cellphone accessories MyCoolCell offers our loyal resellers.


    Start out your stocking order with PureGear perfection. Our inventory includes basics, such as the Slim Shell and DualTek, but we also have all those specialized choices for curious customers. Try an included kickstand with Slim Shell or even a HIP case with shell & holster combo. Your customers will have their S6 handy all the time with PureGear innovation.


    Customers will love the sleek design of Incipio products, including DualPro and Stowaway. These deceptively thin cases are actually hybrids, using two layers of strong materials to create impact resistance. No one wants a cracked phone in the first few months! Get all your customers excited with Incipio's products by adding the DualPro Detail. With intricate designs across the entire case, everyone will have a favorite to cover their device.


    Polycarbonate shells and dust covers are core features of almost all Trident products. MyCoolCell supports the best Trident has to offer, such as Aegis series and Kraken series. Both have superior protective case designs and bright, bold colors. Pink, blue or basic black will get those customers excited about their case selection. Even buying a few colors will make coordination a snap.


    Ballistic is known for its versatile designs, from basic Explorer to Tough Jacket Maxx. Try stocking each Ballistic product to see where your customers fall along the wear-and-tear spectrum. If drops almost never occur, a Jewel or Urbanite case would work perfectly. For those accident-prone customers, Tough Jacket is a must for that Galaxy S6.


    Do you have customers who must have the strongest case around? Try stocking any UAG cases because they actually put their products through rigorous military testing. You heard that right! Carefully calculated drop tests must be passed for any cases to leave their facility. The cases are even in attractive colors, from dark blue to red.


    MyBat is the standard in the cellphone accessory business, offering your customers the Fullstar protector cover and Armor Stand protector cover. If your customers need more versatility, try the Advanced Armor Stand protector cover. It stands on its own when customers need a hands-free moment. Customers can even disguise their devices with the MyJacket Wallet. Wrap the S6 in these gorgeous accessories and see heads turn on the street.


    Zizo will knock your customers for a loop with all their amazing covers. Look through our inventory and order a Hybrid cover, Diamond Flap Pouch or AM2H case with holster. If your customers aren't excited by those choices, this manufacturer goes even further with a Metallic Hard Snap-On Cover, ID Holder cover or Hybrid Turbo cover. The case selections are practically endless.


    Take a hammer to the Galaxy S6 when it has a zNitro tempered glass accessory attached to its display. The manufacturer tried a hammer and the display kept its clear and smooth glass intact. Your customers won't want to pass up on this amazing item.


    If you have customers wanting some artistic flair to their cases, feast your eyes on Sonix designer cases. From flowers to butterflies, these accessories are pieces of art to appreciate every day. Customers may want to switch out cases each day to match their clothes or mood. It's all up to the imagination and a full inventory room to please everyone.


    From MyBat to Zizo, MyCoolCell partners with the best in the cellphone accessory industry to bring your customers the highest quality products. With our huge selection growing every day, your stock will never be a boring collection. Allow customers to be dazzled with each visit as they outfit their new Galaxy S6 with the very best in accessory design and innovation.

  • Brand New MyCoolCell Wholesale Site Launch Coming Soon To Serve Resellers Even Better

    We are pleased to announce that we will be launching our new wholesale site within the next week or so. Our hope is that the new site will make your MyCoolCell shopping experience smoother than ever before. From the time you start to browse through our products, be it on your computer, your iPad or your phone, until the time you checkout, we think you’ll find that shopping at MyCoolCell will be easier and faster than it was before. Look for the new site soon!

    While You’re Here...

    Until our new site launches, we encourage you to keep shopping for great bargains on our existing wholesale site. You’ll find all the hottest products at MyCoolCell, including the latest cell phone cases from brands like LifeProof, Incipio, Ballistic, BodyGlove, OtterBox and many more. We’re also seeing protective cases flying off the shelves for the new iPhone 5 and the new Samsung Galaxy phones. Be sure to stock your retail store or kiosk with these ever-popular items. We think you’ll find all the variety you need to make your one-stop cell phone and smartphone accessory shop.

    Besides cases, check out our other cell phone and smartphone accessories. Whether you’re looking for Bluetooth devices or car chargers, we know you’ll find what you’ve been looking for in our online catalog of cell phone accessories.

    Sign Up for an Account Today

    Sign up for an account at MyCoolCell today. If you’re a retailer, getting approved for an account will give you access to all of our competitive wholesale prices. Don’t wait any longer to start stocking up on the best cell phone accessories on the market today!

    MyCoolCell, Inc.

  • MyCoolCell To Launch New Wholesale Website Optimized for Smartphones, Tablets & PC's

    Here at MyCoolCell, we are working very hard to bring our new wholesale website online as soon as possible so that you, our valued reseller, can browse our site in a breeze using your PC, Tablet, and even your Smartphone!

    We want to make sure we are serving you in the best way possible with the latest technology combined with this new ability to order your favorite wholesale accessories from any device!

    We are looking to launch around the middle of April so keep your eyes peeled for a brand new design, look, and feel that we believe will make things a lot easier for you by providing an incredibly user friendly experience from the time you log in to the moment you checkout! Our new interface will provide you with many features that are designed to accommodate your every need, every order, every step of the way!


    The MyCoolCell Team

  • MyCoolCell Would Like to Wish You a Happy & Safe New Year!

    As 2012 comes to a close, the MyCoolCell Team would like to wish all our resellers a Happy & Safe New Year! We also look forward to serving you better in the new year to come, and to do that, we are upgrading our wholesale site to increase our efficiency and to help you our valued reseller to become much more profitable as a result in the process.

    We appreciate any feedback you would like to post here on our blog to better serve you in 2013, and we take all comments and inquiries into consideration in order to make sure we are serving you the best that we can for a much more profitable 2013!

    For all your cell phone and smartphone accessory needs at very competitive wholesale prices, please think of MyCoolCell first and we will do our best to win your business over and over again, for as long as your business needs fine cell phone and smartphone accessories for your reseller location or retail store.


    The MyCoolCell Team

  • LifeProof Cases Vs. The World's Elements

    LifeProof is a company that's in the business of protecting iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. Specifically, they're in the business of protecting these devices against four hazards that want to destroy these Apple devices: water, dirt, snow and shocks.

    Owners of Apple's various mobile devices love their gadgets so much that they want to take them everywhere. "Everywhere" includes in the pool, on the surfboard, while snorkeling and while yachting. However, if that iPad gets dunked into a chlorine-filled pool without a case, the next place it will go with its owner is into a repair shop.

    Protection from Water

    LifeProof's remarkable waterproof cases protect devices against simple hazards, like rain and spilled iced tea, along with serious hazards, like oceans and Olympic swimming pools. Not only are the devices protected underwater, they can actually still be used to send text messages, take pictures, record video and even listen to music. LifeProof makes companion waterproof headphones to enable users to listen to music while sitting at the bottom of a pool.

    Protection from The Wilderness

    Beaches and mountainsides are also places where LifeProof cases thrive. The company's cases are specifically designed to seal the mobile device off against any type of intruding sand, dirt or dust. That means an iPhone can be used by a mountain biker as a GPS device without the cyclist needing to worry that all the road dirt might damage the device or scratch the delicate iPhone screen.

    Other types of mountain sports that LifeProof has in mind for its customers include skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. If a wipe out into a six-foot snowdrift or a wayward pine tree occurs, the user can still easily use his or her iPhone to dial 911 or the ski patrol. While making a call for help might not be nearly as fun as shooting underwater videos, it's still nice to know that the LifeProof cases are designed to be snow and ice-proof.

    Protection From Shocks

    For the iPhone user who never pours water onto his phone, goes mountain biking, buries it inside a sandcastle or drops it into a snowdrift, it's still nice to know that LifeProof cases, like most top cell phone case brands, protect against the basic fumbles and drops of everyday life. Whether it's bumped off of a table or dropped down the stairs, LifeProof can take it.

    It's "Army Strong"

    Despite its slim, unassuming profile, LifeProof cases for Apple products meet or exceed two important protection standards: Military Standard 810F-516 and the Ingress Protection 68. The first standard refers to the ability to withstand abuse in a number of watery, sandy or snowy environments. The second standard refers to protection against solid objects and liquids.

    The "6" in 68 means that a device inside a LifeProof case could sit inside a cloud of talcum powder for eight hours without ever letting in a speck of dust. The "8" in 68 means that the device can sit at the bottom of more than 6.5 feet of water for half an hour without any damage.

    Find out more about LifeProof cases at MyCoolCell today.

  • Incipio CODE Cases & Covers from MyCoolCell

    Incipio Cases Covers Wholesale for iPhone 5 & 4 Youtube Video Link

    Many cell phone and smartphone users want both maximum protection and innovative design for the new iPhone will really like the Incipio CODE case for the iPhone 5. Many cases that offer great smartphone and cell phone protection are sturdy, but bland in their designs. They tend to come in solid colors; even when bright color varieties are available, the experience is still bland.

    The Incipio CODE case is different. The back of the case has a pattern of transparent hexagons in different colors that break up the solid color of the case while providing a raised surface that enhances the user's grip. The unique dual-color cases for the iPhone 5 come in three color combinations: black with turquoise blue hexagons, white with pink hexagons and white with red hexagons.

    Like Ballistic and PureGear, and Otterbox, Incipio has a reputation for creating tough cell phone cases that protect the user against almost any accidental drop or scratch. Plus CODE cases have the added benefit of providing extra color and style.

    The CODE's protection includes three basic layers. The innermost layer is an impact-absorbing core of soft silicone. The next layer is the colored hexagon pattern. By purchasing more than one Incipio CODE case, customers can trade out the hexagon patterns to create their own color combinations. Black with pink hexagons, for example, or white with blue hexagons are both options for the creative customer who buys more than one case. Finally, the outermost layer is a rigid plastic frame with a glass finish that protects the phone against bumps and scratches.

    At MyCoolCell, retailers have access to wholesale prices for the Incipio CODE cases. These new iPhone 5 cases are sure to be a hit with your customers.

  • The Hot New iPhone 5 Features & Benefits

    The eagerly awaited Apple iPhone 5 has lots of great new features like 4G capability, bigger screen and better camera along with iOS 6 with much more funtionality but less secure mobile plateform (e.g. for example, someone with access to your device like a jealous lover or stalker could install a free app like Finder that would let him or her monitor and track your whereabouts), as well as many updates and improvements over the iPhone 4 features and apps.

    Speaking of the cameras, the resolution of the graphics on iPhone 5—everything you see from pictures to e-mail to web pages—is crisp and incredibly detailed. Apple engineers have developed a smaller pixel, enabling them to cram 400% more pixels into the 3.5 inch screen, resulting in striking images, even at an angle. The advanced engineering produces a wider range of viewing angles than other LCDs, whether playing games or sharing video clips with a friend. This Retina display also has better contrast, giving the user whiter whites and blacker blacks for enhanced readability of text, including iBooks, as well as more striking pictures.

    The touch-screen itself more durable than previous models, as well as more scratch resistant, due to a chemical strengthening process. A coating on the screen repels oils and keeps the screen cleaner.

    Maps and Navigation Feature

    Weekend warriors might appreciate the new mapping and navigation features of iOS 6. The current iOS has a Maps app already, but it doesn’t provide voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation. There are other apps available that do that—like Garmin StreetPilot but there’s no way to designate a third party app as the default mapping or navigation app, and there’s no way to integrate a third party maps app with Siri.

    On top of having cool 3D maps and a cool fly-by feature, the new Maps app will allow users to simply ask Siri to find the nearest gas station or coffee shop. Rather than pulling up navigation directions on a map that you have to actually look at and manually step through each direction, Siri will guide you there turn by turn.

    Another great new feature of the iPhone 5 is folders for your apps. Just like the folders on a computer, each folder holds several apps within it, meaning you can fit a whole lot more apps on your home screen. Simply touch and hold an app until it jiggles, the drag it into an app of the same category. For example, all your games can go in one folder while travel apps nestle in another. iPhone 5 will give each folder a name based on its contents, although of course you can rename it anything you want. Using iTunes on your home computer, you can create folders and sync it to your iPhone 5. Pretty cool.

    The multitasker interface makes life easier by letting you switch quickly and conveniently between apps you’ve used recently, then jump right back to where you were. Listen to music or a ball game while surfing the web or checking e-mail. Receive a Skype call while other apps are running. GPS can continue to run, update your position, and give voice directions, turn by turn. The music automatically lowers while the GPS directions are given.

    Uploading photos to a service taking too long? No need to wait. It can continue in the background while you go on to a new task.

    There’s so much more you can do with the iPhone 5. Take videos in high definition; even in low light situations. Edit video into a movie on the fly. Read e-books. Hear in noisy places. Use Visual Voicemail. Read e-mail. Surf the web. Oh, and make phone calls.

  • The New Iphone 5 What to Expect

    Iphone 5 is such a hot item this season that the projected number of sales will be off the charts for a new smartphone release! The new Iphone 5 will be more robust in every way, making it the most complete smartphone to own on the market today. Watch for more details here on our blog about the new Iphone 5, and how to best use it's capabilities and features for your maximum benefit.

    There are plenty of reasons to get the iPhone 5, thanks to its high-resolution four inch Retina display, 4G LTE support, faster processor, and improved camera. At this point it's pretty clear that initial demand will be strong and that securing one relatively early on could prove much more difficult.

    What's different this time around is that there are many other places to get the new  iphone 5 besides just the Apple Store. So what are your other options exactly? Many top retailers are reporting they won't have them available on Sept. 21, which is the official release date. So when they hit the stores, get your new iphone pronto and give us a visit and get the hotting iphone 5 accessories you can get right here at MyCoolCell, because you will be glad you did!

  • Three Unusual Device Accessories from MyCoolCell That are Very Cool

    Are you getting all that you can out of your smartphone or your mobile device? By themselves, smartphones and tablet computers are already amazing devices that provide a wide range of functionality. However, what truly expands the capacities of your mobile devices are the mobile device accessories, such as those at MyCoolCell. Here’s a look at three of the most unusual accessories we sell. Once you see these accessories in action, you’ll want them for yourself!

    1. Music Angel Mobile Speakers

    Sure, you could get an expensive docking station that only works with your iPhone or your iPod. Instead of an elaborate docking station, why not opt for a simple Music Angel mobile speaker?

    With a Music Angel, you can play the tunes you’ve loaded onto your SD card or USB flash drive. There’s no complicated transfer process; simply plug the SD card or thumb drive into the speaker and your music begins to play. Buttons on the side of this small device allow you to scroll through your songs and control the volume.

    Best of all, the Music Angel is a rechargeable device. That means that you don’t need any place to plug it in. You can take your pocket-sized Music Angel with boom box-sized sound with you to the beach, on a picnic, to your office or anywhere else you and your friends like to go.

    Take a look at our video review of the Music Angel on our website and order your own cube-style or rectangle-style Music Angel today.

    2. The Utilitarian Case from PureGear

    At first glance, you may wonder why a protector case would make our list of the top three most unusual accessories available at MyCoolCell. The answer is that the Utilitarian isn’t any old case. As its name implies, the Utilitarian is as much a tool for your cell phone as it is a protector case.

    On the back of the Utilitarian is a kickstand. However, this is a kickstand with a catch. Once you fold the kickstand in, you can rotate the clip it attaches to 360 degrees. You can unfold the kickstand again to prop up your phone horizontally instead of vertically.

    Furthermore, built in with the kickstand is a spring-loaded clip. With the clip, you can attach your phone to almost anything. You can clip it securely onto your purse, your backpack, your waistband or virtually anything else.

    You can see MyCoolCell’s video review of the Utilitarian and order your own case on our website.

    3. The Retro Handset for the iPhone

    Do you want to watch your friends’ jaws drop? Our retro handsets from Coco should do the trick. These old-school handsets look like what all phones used to look like twenty or twenty-five years ago. Bulky, with an earpiece at the top and a mouthpiece at the bottom, these handsets even come complete with the old curly cord. The only differences between this handset and a handset from 1981 are that these handsets come in bright colors and plug into your iPhone with a standard 3.5 mm jack.

    These handsets aren’t all fun and games, however. They do have one very useful purpose: These retro handsets will protect you from cell phone radiation. Watch the Coco Retro Handset in action on our website and get one for yourself. These three aren’t the only unusual accessories we have for your mobile devices. Browse through all our products at MyCoolCell to see more.

  • Universal Stylus Pens and Kickstands

    Cell phone, smartphone, and iPad universal sylus Pens and Kickstands

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