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Monthly Archives: April 2011

  • Wholesale Distributors of MyBat Cell Phone Accessories

    April 22, 2011

    Cell phone accessories are big business these days, and people will purchase them on impulse the same way they used to purchase candy and magazines on impulse. Are you purchasing cell phone accessories from a wholesale supplier and retailing them at your general store or convenience store?

    Why Stock Cell Phone Accessories?

    Two-thirds of adults and three-fourths of teenagers visit convenience stores and similar general stores each month. Normally, they're looking for food and beverages – especially candy and gum when it comes to teens. Owners of these kinds of general stores and convenience kiosks might wonder why they should bother stocking cell phone accessories, given that they already know their customers are primarily shopping for food items.

    The answer is that the new generation of teens and young adults are deeply steeped in cell phone culture, and the same people who buy candy while hanging out with their friends after school are the same customers who will want to show off their latest cell phone skin to their pals. Cell phones aren't just a tool to the new generation; they are a fashion statement. As a retailer, you can profit from this culture shift by purchasing cheap accessories from wholesale suppliers.

    Another reason to stock these accessories at your general store is that you can capitalize off the fact that your customers often don't want to make a special trip to a cell phone store to purchase a protector or cell phone holster. They would much rather throw it in with their other purchases while they're shopping with you than driving across town to buy it at a more expensive price somewhere else.

    Purchase Phone Protector Wholesale Accessories from MyCoolCell.net

    MyCoolCell.net, wholesale distributors of cell phone accessories, has a wide range of accessories for you to resell at your business. Especially popular these days are cell phone protector covers for iPhones and other smart phones. These versatile, powerful cell phones are expensive, and people want to protect their investment in a way that shows off their own sense of style. Our line of diamante protector covers are popular for both men and women. In addition to the diamante line, we also have hard rubber protectors in a range of styles that will appeal to different ages and personalities.

    We supply more than just protectors at MyCoolCell.net. We provide retailers with memory cards, phone holders, holsters, hands free devices, stylus pens, cell phone batteries, pouches, charms, and more. All of these items are available to retailers at excellent wholesale prices.

    Apple Wholesale Suppliers with All the Accessories You Need

    Some of the latest wholesale accessories we're offering are accessories for iPods, Nanos, Shuffles, and other popular Apple devices. We offer iPod Classic accessories, such as skins, pouches, and LCD protectors at low, wholesale prices. We also offer Nano Gen 1 through Nano Gen 6 accessories, along with iPod Shuffle and Touch protector covers, transmitters, and more.

    The iPad is one of Apple's latest and greatest products, and iPad owners want sleeves, jackets, and skin covers for their new gadget. From Gothic designs to modern, abstract art, MyCoolCell.net has the wholesale iPad accessories that you need for your store.

    In short, MyCoolCell.net is a wholesale supplier with all the cell phone and gadgetry accessories you need at your retail location at superior prices. Create a free account with us today to find out how low our prices can be.

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