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Monthly Archives: March 2012

  • Speck Cases for Apple iPhone 4S and 3GS Wholesale

    March 29, 2012

    Apple iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S will be the best dressed phones in town with these hot cases from Speck. These world-class covers combine the best of both worlds by using a hard, smooth shell on the exterior, lined with a soft cushion padding on the inside.

    The glossy Speck shell makes the phone easy to slide into pocket or holster. Many cases which are rubbery on the outside can be annoying as they won’t slip easily into a holster or pouch, and cause the user an inconvenience as they wrestle with their phone.

    Speck puts the cushiony, shock absorbing material on the inside of the case. It's out of the user’s way, yet super-absorbent to protect the phone from drops or bumps. The seamless case is all one piece, flexible, lightweight, and easy to attach. Of course, all ports, buttons and controls are easily accessible.

    The glossy Speck shells come in four tasty, candy-like colors. The cushioned interior of the case is in a contrasting color for a striking yet fun look. Several color combinations are available in shades of black, bubble maker pink, green, indie glow blue, sea glass blue, night shade purple, and white. Your customers will have no problem finding a CandyShell cover to complement their personality.

    Speck cases for Apple iPhone are some of the very best cases you’ll find for iPhone. Check them out on this page, but also browse our site for all our other great merchandise. At mycoolcell.net, we’re committed to finding and stocking the best cell phone accessories available at rock-bottom prices. Stock up on Speck cases and all your other cell phone supplies today, and pass the savings on to your customers.

    If you’re a new retail customer, please register your business so that we can show you our low prices, our great quantity discounts, and other exclusive prices. We pride ourselves on the superior skills of our customer service staff, who are standing by to help you with any questions you may have about mycoolcell wholesale accessories.

    They can be reached on-line—look for the Live Chat button—or through their toll-free phone number. You won’t believe the speed with which we process your order and send it on its way. Those Speck cases will be on their way from our California warehouse in no time.

    So why wait? Join the many retailers, resellers, and carriers nationwide who depend on mycoolcell for great merchandise, excellent prices, friendly service, and fast shipping. Give us your order today—you won’t be sorry!

  • Amazon Kindle Skins, Cases, and Covers Wholesale

    March 1, 2012

    Amazon Kindle Cases, Skins and Covers are in the house now at MyCoolCell! Login, or register today to gain access to the tremendous wholesale prices on hand and have your order shipped fast from our California warehouse today! Hot pink, smoke, transparent clear, and purple colors.

    Kindle LCD Screen Protectors

    A brand new Kindle Fire is $200. A regular Kindle is still $80. A Kindle LCD screen protector is only a few dollars.

    With sales of Kindle e-readers growing, your customers are going to be buying a Kindle e-reader soon for themselves or for a friend, if they haven't already. A Kindle LCD screen protector is one of the most “no-brainer” Kindle accessories for your customers to buy. The LCD screen protector's are only a few dollars, but in protecting the LCD screen it saves your customers quite a bit of money in repairs over the long run.

    These LCD screen protectors are easy to apply, easy to remove, and easy to clean. They protect the LCD screen from the nicks and scratches that inevitably come from every day use. Because the screen protectors are so inexpensive, when one wears out, the customer can simply replace it with a new one without any hardship.

    Your customers will be eager to pick up a Kindle LCD screen protector for their new Kindle, which is why it behooves you to stock these inexpensive protectors in your retail store. At MyCoolCell.net, we provide Kindle screen protectors to retail store owners at competitive wholesale prices. To see our wholesale prices for Amazon Kindle accessories and other mobile device accessories, create an account today.

    LCD Protectors for Other Mobile Devices

    At MyCoolCell.net, we not only provide Kindle LCD screen protectors, we also provide a number of LCD screen protectors for other mobile devices. We stock screen protectors for iPhones, iPads, and iPods; screen protectors for Android phones; screen protectors for Blackberries; and protectors for just about every popular cell phone and smartphone on the market today.

    Other Ways to Help Your Customers Protect Their Investments

    Your customers spend a lot of money on new e-readers, tablet computers and smartphones. They will want to protect those devices – and not just with LCD screen protectors. Anyone who owns an expensive smartphone lives in fear of that one dumb mistake, when they drop their phone, miss when they go to toss it onto a desk, or watch in horror as it's sat upon by a large colleague. That's why MyCoolCell.net carries skins and hard-shell protectors for just about every variety of mobile device. We offer the very best brands at competitive prices.

    In addition to Kindle and phone protectors, MyCoolCell.net also stocks phone holsters, Bluetooth devices, earbuds, and other phone and mobile accessories to satisfy your customers' desire to accessorize their mobile devices.

    Don't wait any longer to start offering Kindle LCD screen protectors at your store. Create an account with MyCoolCell.net today to place your order.

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