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Ballistic Cell Phone Cases Wholesale

A Ballistic cell phone case is built to be a survivor and can protect treasured Samsung, Apple and Blackberry z10 phones from accidents. Smartphone owners are always looking to buy these high end covers from retailers to keep their very valuable but very fragile phones safe from harm and accidents.

Retailers can find many popular Ballistic series on MyCoolCell. The Hard Core, or HC, has been built to protect the iPhone 4S. Like many of the heavy duty models it contains five layers of protection, a screen protector, a lining of waterproof mesh, and even a holster to keep it strapped securely against falls. This one has a pattern of black against black, gray, red and pink.

There are also several cases for other phones as well. The LS Jewel series has been created to defend both Apple iPhone 5S, 5C, and the Samsung Galaxy S IV and Note 3 against accidental damage. Like a hard gem it has firm layers of protection and comes in several beautiful colors or clear material, and has a raised lip to protect the screen if the phone is dropped face-down.

iPhone 5 phones can be protected not just by LS cover models, but Hydra models as well. The Hydra models on MyCoolCell match their namesake in survivability with several forms of defense all rolled into one device. They add waterproofing, impact and dirt resistance and durable, reinforced corners to keep these valuable and popular smartphones safe from their owner’s mistakes.

Aspira and Every1 models mingle Apple covering with colorful styles. The Aspira series are noted for looking stylish with many cool patterns while still adding a degree of security to the delicate cover of an iPhone 5S or 5C. The Every1 models strive for style in its coloring as well, and includes both a built-in kickstand and screen protector.

Finally, the iPad mini can also meet protective covering in its own size with the Tough Jacket covers. These, like most models by Ballistic, have shock absorbers in all four corners, and a moveable kickstand which doubles as a traveling cover for the front of the iPad Mini.

The SG Maxx on MyCoolCell will add all of the toughest features for protecting smartphones seen in the Hydra and its holster and no-slip grip means the phone will be safer while being taken along through tough tasks. Its rigid but interchangeable screen protector keeps the delicate touchscreen safe from scratches and cracks.

MyCoolCell also has protection solutions for Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphones. A Shell Gel (SG) case is carefully designed with polycarbonate sides and reinforced corners to keep these very popular phones safe from harm. Its three layers include a shock absorber, an impact resistant shell, and a silicone third layer. Retailers can find SG covers for the S3, Note 3, Blackberry z10 and various iPhones.

Resellers can shop for wide selection of these sturdy covers for Galaxy S III S4, and other smartphones at MyCoolCell and provide them for their own savvy smartphone customers.