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Incipio Cases Wholesale

Incipio cases are built using some of the top technologies to keep cellphones and smartphones protected from water damage, falls, and other hazards they may face. MyCoolCell sells many different models of this brand for retailers to buy online and resell to customers. Smartphone owners rely on their phones for cameras, videos, and staying in touch no matter where they go, so having a strong and reliable way to keep them safe from water damage and falls is very important.

The Atlas has a hard shell layer molded for the iPhone 5. It has been built to be waterproof in several ways. The headphone and charging ports are sealed to keep water out, and the speaker vents include several layers of membrane so the phone stays as dry as possible.

The Silicrylic models allow Samsung Galaxy s3 owners to keep their phones safe with comfortable, dual layered protection wrapped in a stylish design. MyCoolCell has models for the Galaxy sIII and the iPhone 4, and 4s with colors such as pink, silver black and grey. Its shock absorbing polycarbonate shell is combined with an interior silicon core for double protection against falls. This will be an important purchase for customers who expect their smartphones to be as rugged as they are.

Retailers can also find a multitasking smartphone case in the Incipio Stowaway credit card holder with kickstand. These have been designed for the Apple 5 and 5s with multiple color schemes from purple and white to black on black. The back pocket can

hold up to three credit cards or IDs and provide alternative storage space to a wallet while traveling. Their Stashback model also has space for credit cards on the back pocket, so retailers can choose the best model or both to give choice to their customers.

MyCoolCell has these accessories for the Samsung s4 too. The Frequency Textured impact resistant case features a sound wave grid pattern on its back and will protect the sIV phones from most types of drops and accidents. This appearance is a good match for the music-inclined s4 smartphone.

Galaxy sIV lovers may also want to purchase a Feather Shine Ultra Thin shell with aluminum finish, which can go around sIV and 5s smartphones. Retailers can buy these sturdy phone covers at

MyCoolCell and there will always be interest in them because people want their smartphones to be nearby even when taking adventurous vacations.

The DualPro Hard Shell wraps elegantly around the iPhone 5s and 5c. It a hybrid of the silicone core and rigid Plextonium shell to combine a firm cover guard and shock absorbency. It even includes the full vanity kit: screen protector, cleaning cloth, and applicator card. MyCoolCell also carries Dual Pro coverings for the Blackberry z10 and the HTC One M7.

People want their smartphones to be safe wherever they go, whether into the wild or through the city. Incipio products shield their phones so people can adventure with confidence. Retailers can buy several models from MyCoolCell.