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Zizo Cell Phone Accessories Wholesale

Wrap your customers' phones, from Samsung Galaxy S III to Blackberry Curve 8330, in the best covers offered by Zizo. MyCoolCell has literally dozens of cases to fill your inventory and please every customer that needs a sturdy cover. With solid colors meshing with pattern models, your customers are sure to find a perfect match for their handheld device.

Outfit customers' Apple iPhone 4, 4S and 5 with thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU, to protect the glossy back housing. Even iPod Touch and Nano models could use a Zizo cover, making the device come alive with your customers' personality shining through.

With a wide touchscreen, it may be difficult to find covers that fit the LG Nexus 4 properly, but MyCoolCell works with Zizo to supply you with sleek covers in several colors, such as blue and purple. Customers have full access to touchscreen controls while protecting the device from drops and scratches.

Both the Motorola Droid RAZR HD and Droid RAZR M have Zizo cases, wrapping them with protection while maintaining a sleek look in black and white. Samsung Replenish, Galaxy S3 and S4 models have a unique back housing design, making it difficult to find conforming cases. Look no further than the Zizo line for your customers' needs. Slip on the case and the phone is ready for anything.

The ZTE Avail has a simple look, but cover it in Zizo's white case and it lends an elegant appeal to this smartphone. Blackberry gets into the act, with cases covering the 10 and Pearl 9100. These cases, however, appear like a skin because of their silicon construction. Coolpad Quattro 4G has many colors to choose from, including bright purple and neon green. Stock your inventory for those HTC fans, including covers for Incredible, Thunderbolt 4G, Evo 3D, and One X.

MyCoolCell even has silicon skins for Huawei Verge, Pillar, and Ascend. Your customers that use Kyocera Hydro and Presto phones will love the available case colors for this brand, including pink and bright blue. Nokia still offers gorgeous phones with cases that complement any look on the street. Look for covers that wrap around Lumia 900, 920, 810 and 820 to keep all of your customers supported. MyCoolCell has the widest selection of Zizo cases, including several offering features like a holster or pouch configuration. Browse through the huge selection to build your inventory. Customers will never encounter an out of stock problem again.