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Mobile Device Holders Wholesale

In 2010, the National Safety Council issued a press release stating that at least 1.6 million accidents per year involve drivers who are texting while driving. However, although the accidents caused by texting and driving are the most notorious kinds of cell phone-induced car accidents, they are not the only ones. A cell phone that has fallen to the floor, is floating aimlessly in the passenger's seat or is buried under mounds of paper and ringing is often just as likely to cause an accident as texting or talking while driving. Drivers inevitably look for or reach for the lost phone and, in the process, distract themselves for just long enough to drift into another lane or fail to brake in time.

Phone holders for cars don't eliminate poor choices while driving, but they at least minimize the probability

of a phone being in the wrong place at the wrong time. With a car phone holder, the driver at least knows exactly where the phone is and will never find himself or herself reaching for an errant phone.

Drivers don't use their phones just for talking and texting anymore. For many drivers, their smartphones are also guiding them to their destinations. From Google's Navigation app on Androids to the popular Waze app for the iPhone, smartphones are quickly replacing other types of GPS devices as the primary choice for driving directions.

In other words, some might argue that having a car phone holder is meaningless because drivers shouldn't be on the phone in the car in the first place; talking, though, isn't the only good reason to have a car phone holder. Listening to music and using a phone for navigation

purposes are also common uses of smartphones for drivers. Car phone holders also make smartphones easy to see and easy to use for these legitimate in-car purposes.

There are three main types of car phone holders on the market today: There are phone holders that attach to the windshield, phone holders that attach to the dash and phone holders that attach to an air vent. Which phone holder a driver chooses will largely depend upon personal preference and the car's interior design.

In the case of car holders that attach to a windshield or dash, the phone holder uses a powerful suction cup to hold the phone in place. Some car phone holders come with only one of these three options; some come with all three, allowing the driver to choose which one works the best for his or her situation.

In addition to these three standard phone holders, some brands also make seat bolt holders. In most cars, there is an exposed bolt on the passenger's side, just across from the driver's seat. The seat bolt phone holders utilize this exposed bolt and attach the phone holder to it. In this way, the phone is always an arm's reach away from the driver in a predictable spot. Although fans of this style of phone holder state that the mount is extremely stable and reliable, critics state that it makes it hard to use the phone as a GPS device because it is not in the driver's line of sight.

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