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Cell Phone Batteries Wholesale

Your customers may ask you about their cell phone batteries and corresponding lifespans. Batteries for models as diverse as LG, Apple iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S2 do not last forever, and may require replacement after several years. Manufacturers, such as MyBat and Cell Armor, offer batteries that work well with your devices, including Nokia, Blackberry and Pantech.

Most batteries are Li-ion, or lithium ion. This battery configuration holds charges for longer periods with an incredible lifespan. You can explain lithium ion technology to your customers to help

them understand their power needs. If a Motorola or Casio does not hold a charge, for example, it is incredibly simple to replace the battery without damaging the phone.

Batteries should always be replaced where static electricity is not an issue, such as in a garage or area without carpet. Convey that information to your customers to help them devise a plan to replace the batteries. Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and ZTE only require several screw detachments to access the battery, for example. Avoid touching any of the internal components, however, to prevent damage to the internal PCB, or printed circuit board.

As an added service, you can demonstrate the battery replacement on a used phone. Try to match the demonstration phone with the customer's unit. Sanyo, Coolpad, ZTE, Sharp, Cricket, Huawei and Sony are all viable products that can be demonstrated to keep customers from damaging their own units.

Keep your inventory levels lean with batteries, but do offer each phone's type to cover all your customers. Batteries do not fail everyday, but they are still a necessary inventory item. However, they do have a shelf life, depleting power each day they are not used.

Maintain two to three batteries in inventory for each phone model to avoid disappointing a customer.

MyCoolCell has the biggest selection of batteries for cell phones and tablets. Take a look at your customer base and their corresponding phones. If you have a high percentage of HTC users, for example, you want to keep these batteries well-stocked for a rash of failures that may occur. Your business will grow when you support old devices with batteries. Those customers will return to buy new devices in the future.