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Cell Phone Cases & Covers Wholesale

MyCoolCell makes well known, high quality brands of cell phone cases available to retailers and resellers of various sizes and levels of operation. Regardless of where you're located, one store or dozens, we can offer you the selection of cell phone cases and covers that your customers want. With a trusted partner like MyCoolCell, you know you have an experienced resource that is dedicated to offering you products of the highest quality and latest styles that will give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

You can trust that we will always have the latest and most current brands to fit the most current cell phone and smart device technology. We offer top OEM brands like Ballistic, OtterBox,

MyBat, Zizo, Luxmo and so many more top quality, fashionable brands that are in high demand. New cases like the Ballistic LS Jewel series offer a slick and fashionable look, or treat your case as an accessory with a cool MyBat Skullcap cover. OtterBox is of course still a top name in durability, mixed with a slick design. The Defender Series cases for the iPhone 5, 5C and 5S are designed to keep your device safe and sound regardless of how active you may be.

Our hybrid cases are some of our best products because they provide a silicon skin on the inside, acting as a shock absorber. They have a hard plastic case on the outside that acts as a protection against many bumps, drops and scratches

that occur daily. In addition to many top quality brands and products, the MyBat TUFF hybrid protector case is current, fashionable and very durable, as well as the very stylish Luxmo hybrid cases.

With a huge variety of wholesale cases, there are dozens of styles, shapes and sizes that will fit the needs of your customers. Protector cases, diamond cases, tuff and waterproof cases are all available. Luxmo makes an assortment of great diamond and diamond studded cases for HTC, Samsung and Motorola devices to turn a phone into an accessory. You can help your customers showcase some of their personal style by offering truly unique and current trends.

MyCoolCell offers cases for a huge variety of manufacturers including Apple, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Kyocera, ZTE and Huawei. Our goal is to have the accessories you need and may need readily available. We can sell wholesale cases for a wide range of carriers as well such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile. We also have just what you need for pre-paid carriers like StraightTalk, Boost Mobile and MetroPCS.

There's no need to look anywhere else for your accessory needs. MyCoolCell is the one stop solution for any retailer or reseller that wants to offer top quality that aggressively keeps pace with new technology and current trends. We thank you sincerely for giving us the chance to be your supplier and a trusted partner.