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Cell Phone Chargers Wholesale

There is perhaps no more frustrating sound than the beeping alert of a cell phone as it warns its user that the battery is about to die. Although the Internet is filled with clever ideas about how to make a cell phone battery last longer, the easiest way to ensure that a dying battery doesn’t interrupt an important conversation is to never be too far from a cell phone charger.

Rather than asking, “Who needs a cell phone charger?,” a better question would be, “Is there anyone who doesn’t need a cell phone charger?” The simple answer to this question is “No.” Virtually every American over the age of 13 now possesses a cell phone; therefore, virtually every American needs a cell phone charger. Is your store ready to provide your customers with smartphone chargers and regular cell phone chargers?

Furthermore, people who travel frequently with their wall chargers, such as businessmen and women, are at high risk for eventually losing that charger. All it takes is leaving a charger in a hotel room and suddenly the businessman arrives in a new city desperate to find a replacement cell phone charger.

There’s another class of cell phone charger that your store should definitely carry: the car charger. During our current smartphone era, car chargers are more important than they ever were before. An increasing number of people are using their smartphones to replace their GPS devices and their radios. Long road trips that previously relied upon a road atlas and a set of audiobooks from the library now rely solely upon an iPhone or Android phone for navigation, entertainment and communication.

Meanwhile, some business professionals who are constantly on the road rely heavily upon their smartphones and feel lost without them. Additionally, just as there are travelers who accidentally lose or forget their wall chargers, there are also travelers who fly to a city, rent a car and only then realize that they left their car chargers sitting at home in their own driveways.

At MyCoolCell, we believe all retailers can profit from carrying cell phone accessories, from car chargers to Bluetooth devices. Cell phone accessories are the bubble gum and candy of the 21st century; they are becoming impulse-buy items that are relevant to every retailer.

Consider how even stores that do not specialize in beverages nonetheless often have a small refrigerator stocked with sodas and bottled water next to the register. Stores that do not specialize in cosmetics still carry lip balm next to the register. We think that even stores that do not carry many electronics, or any electronics at all, will still find that certain cell phone accessories sell easily.

Let MyCoolCell be your one-stop-shop for cell phone accessories, including wall chargers and car chargers. We carry the best brands in cell phone chargers at reasonable, wholesale prices. Sign up for a retailer’s account today to gain access to our wholesale prices for cell phone chargers and other accessories.