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Cell Phone Charms Wholesale

What a fantastic way to draw in the younger clientele than with cell phone charms. With devices being the hottest accessory around town, the emphasis is usually on protective cases and armband pouches. Spruce up your inventory, and entice customers to browse your selection, by adding different charms for sale.

MyBat offers gorgeous dust cap designs for any electronic device. Your customers may have the cell phone armor covering their housings, but the exposed headphone jack can be a perfect location for water damage or debris accumulation.

Stock up your inventory with dangling pendants that make every phone a unique reflection of the owner. Dust cap designs vary greatly, including solitary jewels or flower patterns.

If your customers are concerned about a pendant dangling during use, you can offer decorative plugs that still have personality. Each plug has a character or design so customers can easily pull them from the phone, when necessary. Cats, bunnies and even a skull can protrude from the headphone jack to make customers' phones stand out in a crowd.

Your headphone jack is not the only place to hang a charm. Many phones have attachment points, like rings, on the housing. Offer your customers a diamond charm to hang from any point possible. The design choices are endless with MyCoolCell's huge selection of dust caps and charms. You could sell several charms to one customer because they want to accent their device for every day of the week.

For your customers that have iPhones, the home button is a functional necessity that is often

overlooked. Offer button stickers to make the home button stand out with flair, especially if the sticker matches the charm or case. Go even further and offer everyone's favorite cat, Hello Kitty, within your stock. As a jewelry sticker, Hello Kitty makes a statement with flashy jewels and a classic, sweet appearance. Visit MyCoolCell for all your charm needs. Cell phones and tablets do not have to be boring. Encourage your customers to be unique as they decorate their devices with the newest releases. Stock up on all the favorite styles to keep customers coming in each day for more charm excitement.