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Cell Phone Holsters Wholesale

Your customers have unique needs when it comes to carrying their cell phones, from an original Apple 3G to a Samsung Galaxy SIII. Although a protective case or pouch is often the solution for many people, other customers need quick access to their Blackberry or Motorola phones. A holster is a strong holder that resides on the hip for fast access. Snapping a Nokia or Pantech phone in and out of these holsters makes business much easier, such as for field salesmen.

MyBat offers a plastic model called the Cliq XT. This holster conforms

to the phone perfectly to avoid any accidental drops. Just click the phone into place for secure movement. Your customers can even access the camera through the holster because of the strategic cutout along the backside.

The MyBat line of holsters supports several different phone models, including Huawei, HTC and LG models. Some models even offer a sleek racerback appearance so customers can access most of the back housing without any obstacles. With each model supporting a specific phone brand, it is crucial to ask each customer about

their phone needs. Although Universal models are available, it is better to place customers' phones in holsters that are designed specifically for their shape, including Samsung S3, S4, Note 2 and Note 3.

Wrap your customers phones in even more safety by choosing rubberized holsters. Kyocera, ZTE, and Apple 4, 4S, 5, 5S or 5C are all supported with these sturdy holsters. Even select a model with a kickstand feature to make it easier to access the phone with one hand, for example. For customers with rough use, such as construction,

a TUFF holster holds even the 3GS closely to prevent daily damage.

Round out your holster inventory with Luxmo, Zizo and PureGear models to even support cell phones as varied as Sharp. MyCoolCell offers the largest selection of holsters in the industry, helping you make an impression with your toughest customers. Whether they want a phone facing out or in, MyCoolCell has the models you need to stock and cater to all needs. With sturdy clips that keep the phone close, your customers will never drop their phones on-the-go.