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Repair Parts

Repair Parts

Wholesale iPhone Repair Parts Distributor

Regardless of the care each customer takes to protect their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus from damage, drops and basic accidents will occur to almost every device. That's where you and MyCoolCell, a wholesale repair parts distributor come in. You can't just offer the latest cases and screen shields anymore because repair parts will be a constant and daily request that can't be overlooked. MyCoolCell carries all the repair parts you need to run your repair business such as replacement batteries, flex cables, glass screens, loud speakers, middle frames, ear speakers and home button components. We carry the largest selection of repair parts for your stock with a lifetime warranty and every day low prices. Don't miss out on the high margins the repair business has to offer so order a mixture of lcd digitizers and parts today to keep your customers on the move.

It seems that everyone wants the latest gadget, but there are many people who appreciate the older devices. Stock your inventory with key parts for iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. When these customers ultimately visit your shop for a replacement screen or charging port, you'll be ready to serve. They may even select a fun case while they're phone is being repaired. Even the oldest iPad, iPhone 4S and Galaxy S4 can be made new again.

Certain repair parts are crucial to everyday functions, making it critical to have these items in stock at all times. A touch screen LCD digitizer assembly, back cover and WiFi flex cable are all components that can be damaged or simply go bad over time, for example. These parts are relatively small, but can be replaced with patient hands on any iPod Touch 5, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S. You could even demonstrate some replacement skills on your website to encourage more sales too. Let everyone know what an LCD frame, loud speaker or charging port buckle looks like and their importance within the device, for instance.

At MyCoolCell, we partner with the best repair parts suppliers in the industry. You'll never see poor quality with our parts as they ship into your business. Whether you're low on battery holder, flashlight cover or sensor holder parts, MyCoolCell will always have the very best inventory to make you shine above all others in this competitive accessory business.