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Apple iPhone 4 (CDMA)

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iPhone 4 (CDMA) Repair Parts Wholesale

Steve Jobs himself introduced the iPhone 4 back in 2012. As the first update from the 3GS models, the 4 offered a front-facing camera. "Selfies" became a habit of everyone with a smartphone. MyCoolCell understands that many of your customers still use their 4 on the CDMA network religiously. It is only natural to support your inventory and customer needs with a huge selection of repair parts.

The iPhone 4 will simply not work correctly without a functional home button. Offer

your customers the best in devices, accessories and repair parts to round out your business model. You may not perform repairs today, but competitors could be stocking their inventories with LCD holder, back camera with flex cable and camera buckle assemblies. Keep your inventory and customer service fresh with repair parts from MyCoolCell.

Perform an overhaul of a damaged device by replacing both the battery and touch screen glass. The 4 will look and act brand new. Go further

with your repair and add the digitizer and touch screen LCD assembly together. The glass and digitizer act as one unit when your customers press an icon.

Apple made connection between the iPhone and a computer simple with a data cable, but it is useless if the phone's port is damaged. Swap out the data connector charger port with flex cable to give your customers' phones a new lease on life. They can download their pictures and video to free up critical memory.

Although some parts work for both GSM and CDMA phones, allow MyCoolCell to guide your purchases for your CDMA customers. The LCD frame, for example, can only work with iPhone 4 CDMA phones. All of our repair inventory is distinctly labeled for clear purchase choices.

From the speaker earpiece to sensor and power flex cable products, MyCoolCell has all your repair parts ready for your stock. Support your customers faithfully with accessories and parts for both new and older devices.