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iPhone 4S

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iPhone 4S Repair Parts Wholesale

With Apple's expertise in computer design, it was only natural for them to dive into cellphones as a next target market. After the iPhone 4, the 4S was introduced with slight hardware and software differences. When your iPhone 4S customers need accessories, MyCoolCell is proud to support your inventory with unique case designs. However, we also offer top-quality repair parts, such as loud speaker, ear speaker and LCD frame assemblies.

If you have a customer that brings in a 4S that doesn't respond to

ouches, it's not the touch screen glass that affects performance. You need to replace the touch screen digitizer. This assembly converts finger pressure into icon activation. If the glass is cracked as well, you can also replace both parts with a digitizer and touch screen LCD assembly. Repair labor and sales boost your bottom line.

MyCoolCell offers the largest selection of repair parts for your inventory. If you aren't currently repairing the 4S,

it is time to think of the revenue possibilities. A one-stop shop for repairs and sales keeps customers coming in the door. Stock up on LCD frame stickers, battery holder assemblies and volume buttons. You never know what you'll need to fix.

Other parts, such as the home button flex cable metal plate or LCD flex cable sponge take care to install. Luckily, the 4S is relatively simple to disassemble to access the WiFi antenna, vibrator or camera lens,

for example. Even fill your inventory with a light diffuser, back camera with flex cable or home button flex cable to serve all your customer needs.

At MyCoolCell, we work hard to keep our stock full of items, like sensor flex cable assemblies and data connector charger port sponge parts, to serve your customer base. Browse our selection today to keep your 4S customers happy and loyal.