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iPhone 5 Repair Parts Wholesale

With MyCoolCell's huge inventory of repair parts, from a speaker buckle to an ear speaker, you are sure to have all the right products to support your customers. We work closely with Apple to ensure that all parts are specifically compatible with iPhone 5, including the antenna with connecting cable, LCD frame and battery sticker.

As one of the top cellphone makers in the world, Apple constantly updates their phones, starting with the iPhone 3. With the

introduction of the iPhone 5, many previous parts were updated. With an even crisper image than ever before, the front camera module may need replacement if damaged by drops. Even the back camera holder can crack or become misaligned. By holding these items steadily in stock, worried customers become relieved clients for life.

Allow MyCoolCell to support you and your customer base with one of the most common repair parts: the home button key. If you are

not repairing phones at this time, it is crucial that you analyze the needs of your customers. They may buy hot accessories from you, but travel to an electronics store to pay for parts and labor. Fill your stock with microphone / earphone jack / charger port flex cable assemblies, along with a LCD metal board to support your customers in both sales and service.

MyCoolCell provides some of the more unusual iPhone 5 parts for your collection. Boot line block

card holder, dust network and flash light cover parts are just some of our vast inventory ready for your use. More common parts, including digitizer and touch screen LCD assembly, GPS antenna and test flex cable products are also in high demand.

Boost your profits with repair parts from MyCoolCell. From a volume switch flex cable to a charging port card holder, your customers will be pleased to know that you provide client care from sales to service.