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iPhone 5S

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iPhone 5S Repair Parts Wholesale

Apple emerged with their top quality iPhone 5S for all those enthusiasts looking for a sleek design, brilliant screen and clear camera shots. With its metal housing, it seems nothing could damage this phone. However, MyCoolCell understands that accidents happen, providing you with the inventory necessary to support your clients when they drop or strike their 5S.

Look through our huge parts stock, such as top & bottom glass covers, front camera sensor chip components and SIM card tray

holder slot assemblies. When you show your customers that you are prepared for any repairs, their trust factor increases with your business. As a result, they become more loyal for both sales and service.

If you are still not servicing your customers' phones, it is time to calculate the benefits. Even adding a screws set to your inventory collection leads to labor charges and increased profit margins. Start your parts inventory with a vibrator, back plate or home button cover. The

moment you start repairs, more customers will start pouring into your business.

Add critical parts, including touch screen glass and digitizer and touch screen LCD assembly modules, to your inventory. Even internal parts as varied as the ear speaker, ear speaker flex cable and back flex cable can malfunction at times. Surprise a concerned client with instant parts availability to gain and keep customers for life.

A charging port with flex cable and earphone jack or charging port

screw set both bring a 5S back to life, especially if charging was nearly impossible. Keep the LCD back light film cable, LCD frame and home button with flex cable ribbon on hand for issues on or around the screen. People spend hours on their phones, so quality repairs and materials are crucial for business success.

Start your inventory collection today with MyCoolCell's vast repair parts selection, including the home button metal plate. You'll find that your profits will soar.