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Wholesale Cell Phone and Tablet Repair Tools

When you sell quality cases and covers to your customers, these products are expected to protect all those iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C devices. However, accidents occur where customers need a solid repair job to save their favorite gadget. At MyCoolCell, we offer wholesale cell phone repair tools for your business. Whether you provide the servicing or sell the tools themselves, specific implements are necessary to fix those tiny components properly.

Almost any cell phone can be repaired with the right tooling. Start any universal repair tools stock with antistatic items. From gloves to antistatic tweezers, these tools prevent damaging static electricity from affecting internal parts. One small shock to a printed circuit board makes that gadget useless even if you have the right tools in front of you.

Cleanliness is key to a good repair too, so stock plenty of microfiber cleaning cloths. Even the slightest amount of dust can short out some internal components. WiFi and Bluetooth chips can suddenly malfunction when they worked perfectly fine just before a repair, for instance. At MyCoolCell, we want all your repairs to turn out as good as the original product.

iPhone 4. iPhone 4S and iPhone 5S all have tiny parts that must be removed or manipulated. As your best wholesale cell phone repair tools distributor, stock your inventory with specialized screwdrivers, a prying tool and even a SIM card cutter. You don't want to be missing one tool that could fix a customer's gadget and encourage more sales tomorrow.

With a complete repair parts stock in mind, add in a soldering station and ScrewMat products. Even stock the 16-iin-1 screwdriver repair tool set. You'll be able to remove and replace PCB components with the soldering iron while organizing tiny screws on the ScrewMat. When it comes to quality repairs, your stock must reflect the best tools to generate trust in your customers.