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Cell Phone Skins Wholesale

Unless you have been living under a rock the past few years, you’ve seen with your own eyes the immense popularity of cell phone skins and cases. Cell phone cases are now a $19 billion industry; is your store taking the opportunity to cash in?

A cell phone skin is very similar to a case. Like a case, skins are designed to provide protection for the phone along with a touch of style. Skins for smartphones and cell phones are different from cases, however, in that they are typically thinner and provide a lower level of protection.

The first reason that some of your store’s customers will prefer a skin to a case is the amount of bulk. Even the

slimmest of cases, like the Ballistic Shell Gel case, still add a considerable amount of bulk to the phone. A bulkier phone, in turn, means that the phone might not fit as well inside a holster, an armband, a car holder or a pocket. All of these disadvantages are inconvenient to the phone’s owner. Since convenience is of prime importance to smartphone and cell phone owners, a skin is often viewed as preferable to a case.

Besides bulk, the other major disadvantage of a cell phone case is often price. Although you have customers who will spend a little extra money on fancy cases to protect their brand new iPhones, you also have customers who

hate having to spend more than they need to. For customers who cannot afford a case or who don’t want to pay a lot of money for cell phone protection, carrying skins in your store enables you to offer them a less expensive alternative.

Once you put a smartphone inside a case, you had better not be planning to take it out of the case again unless something drastic happens. Cases are designed to fit tightly over a phone in order to provide premium protection; unfortunately, this tight fit also means that cell phone cases can be notoriously difficult to put on and take off again.

Cell phone skins, however, do not usually have this problem.

Typically molded from a rubbery, flexible silicone, these skins easily come on and off a cell phone.

Why is ease of removal a selling point for cell phone skins? Cell phone skins are designed to be stylish and collectible. Just as some people collect scarves, shoes, and bracelets, other people collect smartphone skins as a part of their personal fashion statement. Carry a variety of skins in your store to appeal to the customers who are collectors.

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