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Phone Auxiliary / Data Cables Wholesale

There might be no other experience more frustrating for a smartphone owner than losing or breaking a data cable. Data cables are the cords that enable information to be transferred from a cell phone to a computer or vice versa. Transferring videos, photos, music and other media often depends upon data cables. In most cases, a data cable can also be used to charge a smartphone. For all these reasons, having a working data cable is crucial to every smartphone owner.

Keep in mind that over half of the adult population in the United States now owns a smartphone. Whereas a few years ago a smartphone was a luxury item that only a few people had, smartphones these days are almost ubiquitous.

A study by Edison Research in June 2012 surveyed how people use their smartphones. Here are a few of their results:

23 percent of smartphone owners use it to take pictures

"several times per day". 25 percent of smartphone owners listen to downloaded music several times per day. 11 percent of smartphone owners watch videos with their device several times per day.

These statistics shed light on just how much data and media smartphone owners consume on a daily basis. Without doubt, that number will only increase in the coming years. Already, Americans are so addicted to their smartphones that many admit to using their phones while on the toilet, having dinner with family or while gazing at other types of screens, such as television screens. That smartphone addiction is translating quickly into a data addiction. From music to movies, society is eating up more data than ever before.

All this data consumption highlights how important data cables are for modern cell phone users. Although data cables may not be the kinds of cell phone

accessories that are as sleek and sexy as a new OtterBox case or as well-known as a Bluetooth device, they are still critical accessories that every smartphone owner needs to have.

Who is likely to purchase a data cable at your store? A few possibilities include travelers who only realize when they arrive at a new city that they have left their data cables behind; businessmen and women who need to transfer data for a practical reason and cannot wait to return home or to the office to use the cable; and average people who have somehow managed to misplace their data cables.

For example, imagine a couple with children traveling to a city far from home for the winter holidays. Upon arrival, one of the kids realizes that he has left his phone's data cable at home, making his computer's iTunes inaccessible. Desperate to sync his phone with iTunes, he pesters his

parents until they finally relent to scour the unfamiliar city for a new data cable. These parents will happily buy the first data cable they come across; will it be at your store?

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