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Screen Shields

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LCD Screen Shield Protectors Wholesale

There are cell phone carriers that provide LCD screen protectors with brand new phones, but the majority of companies do not supply new smartphone owners with protectors. Most phone owners have to buy their own screen protectors if they want their new investment protected from the scratches, greasy fingerprints and smudges of everyday life. Is your store ready to provide customers with LCD screen protectors?

Some cell phone and smartphone owners may question if a screen protector is really necessary. After all, the majority of phones today are made with Gorilla Glass, the thin-but-tough damage-resistant glass made by U.S. glass manufacturer Corning. With most new phones shipping with this scratch-resistant glass, some smartphone owners are

hesitant to spend the few extra dollars it takes to add a screen protector to their cell phone, smartphone or tablet.

In most of the forums online, the overall conclusion is that having a screen protector is worthwhile, with or without Gorilla Glass. Although some forum writers prefer their screens “naked,” many others add their personal horror stories about why they didn’t have a screen protector and how they have paid for that decision with a screen marred by scratches.

The people who need screen protectors the most are those who already know that they will put their mobile devices to the test. People who unabashedly toss expensive smartphones onto a car seat, a table

or into a purse as well as the people who frequently take their device out of a pocket, backpack or bag should already know that they will need a screen protector.

Do these people represent the majority of the population or do they represent the minority? Given that an increasing number of people own expensive mobile devices and have an expectation that they should be made well enough to sustain the trials of everyday use, people who put mobile devices through their paces are probably representative of the majority of mobile device owners.

Your customers are smartphone owners. They are also owners of Kindles, Nooks, iPads and Galaxy Tabs. It doesn’t matter if you own a bicycle shop or a coffee shop; it doesn’t matter if you cater to senior citizens or teenagers,

your customers definitely have these devices and are thinking about their protection. Therefore, the question you need to ask yourself as a store owner is not if your customers will buy an LCD screen protector but whether they will buy that protector from you or from a competitor.

No matter what kind of store you own, you can stock it with LCD screen protectors. Place them near your point of sale and they will become your impulse-buy items of the 21st century.

At MyCoolCell, we carry screen protectors at competitive wholesale prices for retail store owners. Besides screen protectors, we carry all manner of other hot cell phone accessory items, from cell phone cases to Bluetooth devices. Sign up for an account at MyCoolCell today to gain access to the prices in our wholesale catalog.