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Wholesale Stylus Pens

With an increasing number of mobile devices being manufactured with touch screens instead of physical buttons, many users find tasks that involve precision like typing on a small on-screen challenging. Stylus pens are designed to make this task much easier, and they are compatible with many of the cell phones, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices currently on the market.

A stylus pen for a cell phone typically resembles a regular ink pen, but the tip is made of a soft rubber that can be used to press the buttons on a touchscreen. Because they are made of rubber, they will not scratch or otherwise damage the screen. They can be used directly on the screen or with a screen protector. With the precise tip of a stylus pen, texting or even composing longer messages such as emails is easier, especially

for individuals with larger fingers or those who often wear gloves. They add a great deal of precision, and they make users less likely to press the wrong button.

Smartphones and tablets can be used for a myriad of tasks, some of which aren't quite suited for bare fingertips. Drawing applications and many photo editing apps are much easier to use with the assistance of stylus pens because they allow for greater control and precision.

Some devices come with stylus pens, but many do not. Products like the iPhone 4 do not include a stylus, but they are often desired as an add-on accessory. Universal stylus pens are compatible with a number of devices including the Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, BlackBerry Storm, Samsung Omnia, HTC Fuze, and many other devices.

Stylus pens are available in several different styles and colors,

so it is possible to find one to match the case on a phone or to suit a customer's taste. Some pens are roughly the size of a real pen and are often made of either metal or plastic. At first glance, many look like a regular pen or pencil. Some of clips for keeping the pen securely in a pocket while others are designed to attach directly to the device. Some mini stylus pens connect via the phone's 3.5mm plug. Others are designed to attach through the loop where a carrying strap could be placed. For tablet PCs like the iPad, larger jumbo stylus pens are available. Stylus pens come in colors ranging from basic black and silver to vibrant colors like pink, red, purple, and blue.

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