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Alcatel Wholesale Accessories

If statistics about the takeover of smartphones in America are correct, most of your store's customers already own smartphones. The ones who don't will be thinking about making the switch soon.

However, there are hold-outs among us when it comes to smartphones, including people who are still technophobes and teens whose parents won't let them have a smartphone, who still own old-fashioned feature phones. Prepaid phones like the Alcatel series of phones are one such example of the phones that meet the needs of this audience. These phones are perfect for people who don't want to pay too much for a phone plan but still need a cell phone like everyone else. Offered by AT&T, basic Alcatels are feature

phones; Alcatel phones of the 900 series are Android smartphones. The one thing that all Alcatels share in common is that it's not so easy to find accessories for them.

It's easy enough for your customers to find accessories for their iPhones or Samsung Galaxies; any store like Target, Wal-Mart or Best Buy sells accessories for these phones. Alcatel phone owners, though, aren't quite as lucky. For them, they will strike out several times before they find a store that sells accessories for their phones.

What if you were one of the only stores in town that sold Alcatel accessories? You could find a unique niche that your competitors would overlook because those competitors only see fit to carry

accessories for the big-name brands. Carrying Alcatel accessories could be a strategy that might work to boost the bottom line of your store.

MyCoolCell is a one-stop-shop for retail store owners when it comes to cell phone and mobile device accessories. Our extensive catalog carries almost every major mobile device accessory on the market, and that includes accessories for Alcatel phones.

Our Alcatel-specific accessories mainly include LCD screen protectors for the various Alcatel models and Alcatel cases. The cases for Alcatel phones are especially difficult for your customers to find; most stores that carry cases only carry them for those best-selling phones like those mentioned above. Alcatel

owners need cases just as much as iPhone owners, though; one fumble and long drop is all it takes to ruin a phone that doesn't have a protective case. These cases and LCD screens for the Alcatel phones are made by MyBat, one of the most trusted names in the cell phone accessory market.

Although cases and LCD screens are our two main Alcatel-specific offerings, we also carry other accessories that will be compatible with an Alcatel phone. For example, Bluetooth headsets are extremely popular these days and compatible with Alcatel phones. Using a Bluetooth device is a great way to make the phone hands-free while at the same time reducing the amount of radiation absorbed by the phone owner's head.