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Amazon Wholesale Accessories

On Cyber Monday 2012, the Amazon Kindle reached new sales heights. Since then, the company hasn't quite reached its optimistic goal of selling 100,000 to 150,000 units per quarter, but without a doubt, Amazon is still selling a lot of Kindles. All you need to do to witness this cultural phenomenon is to go to a subway station or an airport and witness how many people have traded magazines, newspapers and novels for Kindle readers.

Whether you are ʺpro-Kindleʺ or ʺanti-Kindle,ʺ you still have to admit that the online retail giant has started a revolution in both how we read (electronically) and what we read (downloaded from the Kindle store). While other retailers, specifically the Apple iBooks store and Barnes & Noble, are working desperately to play catch-up, Amazon still has the biggest share of the market.

How do all these battles for e-reading supremacy affect you, as a retail store owner? More of your customers than ever are Kindle and Kindle Fire owners, so you had better be ready to sell them the Kindle accessories that they're looking for. The two most important accessories you should be stocking are LCD screen protectors and Kindle Fire protective cases.

The Kindle Fire is the higher-end Kindle, the device with which you can not only read, but you can also download and watch movies, play games and so forth. The most expensive Kindle Fire is about $400; that's still less expensive than an Apple iPad, but it's certainly expensive enough that Kindle Fire HD owners will be looking to protect their investment.

An LCD screen protector for the Kindle Fire helps them to protect

what they've bought. Fingerprints, greasy streaks, dust, dirt and dried wet spots are all a pain when you're trying to watch an HD movie on a Kindle Fire. After all, your customer bought the device with the intention of being able to watch high-definition television and movies; what they get instead is a slightly blurry version underneath a mound of fingerprints.

Fingerprints can be remedied even without an LCD screen protector, but scratches are a real problem. A Kindle Fire screen with a scratch on it will never look the same again. An LCD screen protector helps Kindle Fire owners to protect their devices against these scratches.

The second accessory for the Kindle Fire that you are most likely to sell in your store is a Kindle Fire case. These cases serve two main

purposes for Kindle owners: First, they protect the case against careless drops and bumps. Second, they add functionality.

The cases add functionality because many of them can be folded or otherwise manipulated so that the Kindle Fire can be propped up in a position that makes it easier to read or watch. A busy parent making dinner for the kids, for example, can prop up the Kindle Fire in its case in the kitchen to watch a TV episode while still working on putting food on the table.

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