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Blackberry Wholesale Accessories

Blackberry owners love to add accessories to their mobile devices. Smart retailers know that by stocking extras for the Playbook, Tour and all other models they will attract customers who want to make their smartphone even better. Some of the most popular extras are cases, screen shields, and Bluetooth devices such as chargers and headphones. Retailers can buy all of these items at MyCoolCell, a wholesale seller of mobile phone additions and essentials.

Blackberry phones are geared towards the business person. Some of their latest models include the z10 and the q10 smartphones but many people still own other versions such as the Torch, Bold, Curve and Apollo phones. The phones are marketed to work alongside people like a miniature business partner so

both practical and ornamental extras are on their wishlists. It is likely that your professional customers use a Blackberry Pearl, 10 or Storm.

MyCoolCell offers retails a wide selection of practical accessories which many business people need when using their Black Berry smartphones. They sell spare batteries for devices such as the Curve, car chargers, and other helpful electronics which your customers may need if they find themselves out of town and without a way to recharge their phones. MyCoolCell also has a great selection of wholesale Bluetooth headphones, speakers, and headsets which assist people on the go and on the phone. A good case is also a must-have item for many customers with Black Berry phone because they keep the phone close by, look professional, and free up

space in pockets or purses.

Retailers can come to MyCoolCell and find accessories which customize their customer’s mobile phones. Multicolored and printed skin cases are one of the most preferred accessories for owners of the Torch, Bold Touch, Tour and Curve Apollo devices. The Pearl and Storm have skin casings too, in a variety of colorful patterns and prints. Owners of the Z10 and Q10 models may want to buy clear screen shields with an anti-grease layer. These do not affect the touch functions of the Black Berry but will protect the screen from fingerprints, dirty fingers, and scratches. The Kickstart also has a special case to fit around its customized form and ports. Covers are popular purchases because they personalize the generic black casing and keep it safe from accidental scratches or other damage.

The Blackberry Playbook tablet is another way the company seeks to merge its business clientele with a changing mobile device field. It has Bluetooth capabilities and can work with any of the smartphone headsets, speakers, and headphones for enhanced video conferencing and information sharing. MyCoolCell can also sell you screen protectors, chargers, and cases for resale. Your customers will appreciate seeing supplies for their Playbook sold at your retail store or website.

Whether your customers own a Black Berry Kickstart, Apollo, Tour or model 10, they will love buying extras for their phones at your store. MyCoolCell is a wholesale retailer specializing in accessories for Blackberries such as covers, batteries, and skins.