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Google Nexus Accessories Wholesale

As a retailer, you might be more interested in selling accessories for the iPad and the iPad Mini than for the Google Nexus. After all, at the end of 2012, the iPad out-sold the Nexus by a factor of five. In one quarter of 2012 alone, the iPad Mini sold 10 million units; that was more units sold than the Nexus 7 sold all year.

However, that doesn't mean that retailers should give up on Nexus accessories quite yet. There are still several million Google tablets out there, and customers all over the country will naturally find it more difficult to purchase accessories for the Nexus than accessories for the iPad. Why do they find it harder to get Nexus accessories? The answer is simple: The iPad out-sells the Nexus. Therefore, more retailers focus on iPad accessories.

You could be one of the few retailers in town who offers both Nexus accessories and iPad accessories. If you made this decision, it would be a very smart choice. In March 2013, The New York Times published an article entitled, "Android Devices Set to Overtake iPad in Market Share." Which Android tablet sells the best of all? The Google Nexus, of course.

MyCoolCell understands that you can't carry every accessory that's available; you have to pick and choose. Our two top recommendations for you, therefore, are to carry Nexus cases and Nexus LCD screen protectors in your store.

Cases for the Nexus are one of the most popular Nexus accessories. Customers look for these cases because they know that a single clumsy moment could ruin their tablet. Since they paid hundreds of dollars already for their tablets and don't want to pay that amount again for a new one, they will be more than willing to spend $20 or $30 on a decent case.

The best Nexus cases not only protect the device, they also serve as a stand for the tablet. These cases can be folded over in such a way that they prop up the Nexus into an angle that will make the device easier to use.

The second recommendation, the LCD screen protector, should also not be a tough sell with your customers. LCD screen protectors are already quite popular for smartphones and for tablets, so it will be easy to recommend it as a purchase to your customers.

At MyCoolCell, we carry these Nexus accessories and others at wholesale prices for approved retailers. To become one of our approved retailers, all you need to do is fill out a simple application. When we've verified your status as a retailer, your account will be approved and you will gain full access to our wholesale catalog and wholesale prices on mobile device accessories. Start your account today to make MyCoolCell your one-stop-shop for mobile accessories.