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HTC Wholesale Accessories

Many people love their HTC smartphones. These smartphones include high powered models such as the Thunderbolt, Inspire, Radar, Sensation, One X and One m7 phones with 4g connections. The company also makes phones such as ChaCha, and older ones such as Hero, and Salsa. With the Accord, Trophy, Pure and Hd2, they reached out to Windows operating systems and the Bliss and Rhyme came out specifically marketed to women.

The Droid Incredible and the Fireball are two more great looking smartphones which have been popular with consumers since their release. If you are a retailer looking to sell extras for people to add onto their favorite smartphones and devices, then MyCoolCell probably has them in stock. They know all about the different models for HTC, including

the ChaCha, Touch, Titan and Fuze and have the products people want for their phones.

At MyCoolCell, retailers can buy essential items for Hd2, Dream, Nexus, DNA and Trophy phones, among the other popular HTC models. These include wall chargers and car chargers, extra batteries, and cases. They have an excellent selection of leather, plastic and decorative cases which are designed to fit each type of smartphone including popular models such as Amaze, Dream, and Rhyme.

The Resound or Rezound is the music phone of HTC. Their owners are always looking to buy high quality Bluetooth speakers and headsets to enjoy the music stored on their smartphones. If you want to stock these items, Resound and Rezound owners

will definitely come to take a closer look. MyCoolCell stocks all different kinds of universal devices for smartphones which work with these models, plus the Sensation, the Droid Incredible, Evo models, the Fireball and more.

Some of these screen shields and covers are designed for both the One max or the One mini so be sure to stock both max and mini when looking for great accessories to resell. Skins, with their colorful and print covers, are specially designed for each phone’s custom sizing. These look great with models such as the Evo, which includes the Evo 3d, Evo 4g, and Evo Shift. The screen shields on MyCoolCell can look funky, stylish, plain or transparent so be sure to choose from several different prints so customers have plenty

of choices to match their individual fashion.

MyCoolCell also provides retailers with a great choice in skin protectors for all their customer's phones including One X and One m7 models. When people buy a Titan, Fuze, or Amaze they want their phone to stay safe. Screen shields and skin protectors keep the Hero, Nexus, or DNA backings clean and the touch screens scratch-free.

Whether a person owns a Thunderbolt, an Inspire, Radar or a Pure, he or she will want to find its exact match at your store when buying accessories, batteries, chargers and other devices at your store. MyCoolCell has a wide range of products for resale for all kinds of smartphones from the Evo 3d, Evo 4g and Evo Shift to Salsa to Accord, Pure, and Bliss.