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Huawei Wholesale Accessories

Huawei smartphones work with both the Android and the Windows operating systems and are very popular models worldwide. Their Ascend smartphones have led the company and they also have many smaller phones which sell through prepaid and other plans. It is very possible that some of your customers will have the latest Ascend smartphone, the M865 Ascend II, or other Huawei phones such as the M931 Premia 4G and the U8686 Prism II.

MyCoolCell is an online retailer of wholesale cellphone accessories which retailers like you can pick from for their own customers. We carry a wide range of accessories customized for Huwei phone models including both their smartphones and regular messaging phones, like those in the U9000 series. We also have many general

cellphone devices including Bluetooth accessories, phone chargers, and more.

We have screen shields for many smartphones which your customers may be interested in purchasing. These keep fragile touch-screens safe from accidental damage or fingerprint smears. Each of these screen protectors are custom made to fit the size and shape of specific touch screen phones including the H883G, the M860 Ascend, the U8680 MyTouch, and the U8730 MyTouch Q. Since they preserve and extend the life of phone screens, they are a very valuable purchase for many smartphone owners.

Silicone skins are also very popular with smartphone owners. These wrap around the phone to keep them safe and are also designed to be a perfect fit

for each phone’s configuration. We stock colorful skins for a variety of phones such as the M865 Ascend II, the M660 Ascend Q, and the M886 Mercury. On MyCoolCell, retailers can purchase all of the most popular colors including bright oranges, reds, and pinks to completely redo the appearance of these popular phones. Covers are another popular way to keep phones safe from harm. We sell covers for phones like the M570 Verge, the U8652 Fusion, and the M636 Pinnacle 2. They are designed to be sturdy and to provide both support and protection for the phones tucked inside of them.

Retailers can also purchase cases for various phones here including the Mercury, Glory M886, and the Activa 4G LTE M920. Customers will love the color choices they will find with the covers and cases

found on MyCoolCell, which can be anything from blues to reds to greens or even a more subtle black.

Many phones today contain Bluetooth capabilities and so owners of such phones, like the U8800 Impulse 4G, U9000 Ideos and the M615 Pillar will want to buy devices which use that Bluetooth compatibility such as headsets, headphones, and speakers. MyCoolCell also carries both wired and wireless music speakers for various cellphones.

At MyCoolCell we also carry a number of wired devices for phones like the Huawei X6 Ideos or the H867G Inspira Deluxe. Retailers can search here for a variety of batteries and chargers which allow cellphone owners to make their phones truly mobile by switching out for fresh batteries or recharging it in the car.