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Kyocera Wholesale Accessories

Retailers can always find the greatest selection of accessories for Kyocera phones on MyCoolCell, an online wholesaler selling great cellphone devices and extras to retailers across the globe. At MyCoolCell retailers can shop for devices specifically made for Kyocera phones and resell those items to customers who own those phones.

Kyocera sells different types of phone models, including the older Duramax, the S2100 Luno with basic internet accessibility, or smartphones like the M9300 Echo, which uses the Android OS and the newer Hydro Elite C6750. These phones are even used by no-contract companies. Jitterbug has the C5120 Jitterbug Touch and Virgin Mobile uses the 2300M Torino.

Sometimes even the coolest looking cellphone needs a little splash of color.

Cases and covers serve two important purposes for the phones they are designed for: protection and appearance. Your customers will need a cover which is designed to fit the contours of their phone; that is why we sell many models of covers for the E3100 Rio, C5170 Hydro, and the C5133 Event.

There are many colorful phone skins retailers can purchase here for their customers’ S1350 Presto Deluxe, S3015 Brio Deluxe, and other classy new phones. The stylish phone owner may want to buy a bright neon green, pink or blue silicon skin, or something less bold like a dark purple or black. These silicon skins provide a firm grip and a level of protection for the outer casing of the phone. MyCoolCell carries all kinds of silicon skins to retailers for resale.

Smartphone owners understand

how important it is to keep their delicate touchscreens safe from scratches. Screen shields will prevent damage and keep the screens clean, but they also are fitted to match the phone they are designed for. We carry screen shields for the C5170 Hydra, the C5133 Event, E6710 Torque, the C5215 Hydro Edge and many other touch screen phones.

No cellphone owner ever wants to be traveling without spare chargers or batteries to keep their phone running as long as they do. Retailers should consider stocking some of MyCoolCell’s essential cellphone accessories for these phones and others, like the Hydro XTRM, DuraXT and C5215 Hydro Edge. There are AC adapters, car chargers, wall chargers and batteries available for resale on MyCoolCell.

Bluetooth is another very

popular feature in modern phones and when retailers stock devices which go alongside Bluetooth compatible phones, those things become desirable to smartphone owners eager to get the most out of their phone’s abilities. Owners of the Hydro Elite C6750, Milano, and the C5155 Rise all have access to Bluetooth capacities and may want to purchase one of the headsets, speakers, and headphones found on this site. People who want to get even more music out of their phones will also like the wired speakers found on MyCoolCell.

Find many phone accessories for resale on MyCoolCell. There are many unique and interesting buys here for phones like the 6750 Hydro Elite, the Loft, and the E6710 Torque, and many popular smartphones.