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LG G3 Cell Phone Accessories Wholesale

When your customers demand the best from top accessory manufacturers, including PureGear and Luxmo, it's up to you to keep inventory stocked full of all favorite products. At MyCoolCell, our goal is to support all new and existing cellphones on the market. As the LG G3 makes strides with excited customers, your store must have all the best accessories to match it. Add skin, pouch and screen shield products to your inventory arsenal and watch them fly out the door as customers snap them up in a hurry.

MyCoolCell holds the largest inventory in the industry to support the new LG G3. Take advantage of all our product lines to fill your shelves. We partner with the best in the business, including Zizo and MyBat. Just these manufacturers alone bring people into your store or clicking through your website pages. Stand out from other competitors with a few distinct items in your stock.

Start out with a Rocker Series case or TPU cover. Both these products offer strong protection for the device while providing style simultaneously. The color choices are nearly endless with patterns and solid colors for any personality. From rainbow colors to basic black, customers will have so many choices that they'll need more than one advanced armor case for their collection.

MyCoolCell also stocks other unique cases, such as Tuff Hybrid and MyJacket Wallet. Put these cases out on display to see the stares develop. Any hybrid case developer wants to make a splash with their design, and our partners don't disappoint. Your customers will preserve their phone with no issues to worry about. From cracks to complete breaks, your customers' LG G3 devices are safe with MyCoolCell and our trusted partners. Wrap a customer's device in one case to see their reaction. They'll want to visit more often to try out the newest looks again and again.