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LG Wholesale Accessories

Smart retailers are always on the lookout for great ways to keep their online and physical stores stocked with what their smartphone owning customers want. MyCoolCell is an online wholesaler with a wide selection of smartphone and cellphone accessories for several kinds of phones including top LG models.

LG phones are some of the best-selling smartphones and cellphones on the market. There are several models of the Optimus line of phones including the L35G Optimus Logic, the VM696 Optimus Elite, and the E980 Optimus G Pro. Each type of phone has to have specially made cases, covers and skins for protection and at MyCoolCell there are several colorful choices of each.

Universal devices are very popular with all kinds of phones. Many of these phones including

the LS855 Marquee, the 870 Escape, or the US730 Splendor can be compatible with universal accessories like the wall or car chargers, or to one of the USB cables which link these phones to many other devices. MyCoolCell carries several of these, as well as AC adopters, phone batteries and other essentials.

Bluetooth is another popular feature found on modern phones like the VS840 Lucid 4G, E970 Optimus G, and LS855 Marquee and can wirelessly connect many devices. MyCoolCell features headphones, headsets and wireless speakers which will go with those phones, as well as wired speakers for music enthusiasts.

Even the most beautiful smartphone will look better with a silicon skin casing. MyCoolCell has many different cellphone skins for the P925 Thrill 4G, E739

myTouch, the MS690 Optimus M, the VS910 Revolution 4G and more. These skins provide a firm grip for the hands, keep the phones clean, and add some protection against accidents.

Cases sold on MyCoolCell come in all colors of the rainbow. Retailers can choose to attract customers with greens, blues, oranges, and pinks and other colorful designs for the E960 Nexus 4, MS840 Connect 4G and those phones in the 840G Rocker series. There are also some cases specially fitted to the E970 Optimus G phones.

Covers are another way to keep these valuable phones safe. Customers may want to consider buying those which will fit their LS970 Optimus G / Eclipse 4G LTE, their MS770 Motion 4, the VS930 Spectrum 2 and the P769 Optimus L9. With hundreds of colorful cellphone

protectors available for resale through MyCoolCell, retailers are sure to find plenty of options for all their customers' phones and preferred styles and colors.

Screen shields are another great idea to keep in stock. These will protect the delicate screens of phones in the LW770 and LS696 series safe, and protect touchscreens like those on the VM696 Optimus Elite. MyCoolCell carries several screen shields for smartphones which retailers can purchase and sell to people interested in protecting the touch functions of their phones.

At MyCoolCell, there are many accessories for LG models like the L40G Optimus and the UN200 Saber. Retailers can choose the best for their stores and resell them for their own customers with various smartphone models.