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Motorola Wholesale Accessories

Motorola sells many smartphone and cellphone models and so there is a good chance that one of your customers may be looking for accessories, screen shields, and other devices which will go with their favorite smartphone.

Among their many models are smartphones like the Defy MB525 and the XT926 Droid RAZR HD. The Moto X is one of their recent smartphones and it has been built to respond to voice commands as well as the stroke of a finger, and like most of the smartphones by this manufacturer, it uses an Android operating system to access the web.

At MyCoolCell, retailers will find a wide selection of devices and extras for several smart phone manufacturers and carriers including Motorola. There are also many universal extras including

Bluetooth accessories and USB cables which can be used with these phones including popular models such as the XT916 series and the Droid RAZR MAXX.

Cellphones and smartphones often need extra batteries and chargers in case the originals get lost or forgotten on the road. So, MyCoolCell stocks many kinds of spare batteries which can be used universally with many types of phones, or specific models. They sell batteries for the Clutch Plus i475, and some in the Atrix MB860 series. There are car chargers for the V8, and general recharging cables which may match other phones such as the Photon 4G MB855 or V750.

MyCoolCell offers retailers many different screen

shields to choose from for their own customers. They will protect the sensitive LCD screens and install easily over the top of the phone to keep them safe from scratches or dirt. The screen shields can be used on phones like the A555 Devour, Droid Bionic Targa XT875, and the Motorola XT907 Droid RAZR M 4G LTE without affecting the functionality of their touchscreens.

The silicon skins can be combined with protective cases to keep phones like the XT912 Droid RAZR protected in a two piece set. They can also be used independently on other phones, such as the XT913 models to improve the grip and add some color to the phones for extra style. MyCoolCell wholesales many different colors and patterns for a style customers will love to add to their favorite phone. There are also cases and covers to add security and extra

protection for valuable smartphones.

Retailers can also find general accessories, such as wired speakers and Bluetooth devices, by searching MyCoolCell. Some of the Bluetooth devices are headphones, headsets, and speakers which go with various compatible phones including the XOOM 2 and XT862 Droid 3. They allow people to switch to a hands-free mode on their favorite phones while talking with friends, listening to music, and multi-tasking.

At MyCoolCell, retailers will find many extras their customers will love to have on any phone including the Moto X, the XT901 Electrify M, and the MB501 Cliq XT. Extra chargers allow people to keep their phones ready even on the go and colorful cases and covers add style to every smartphone.