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Samsung Wholesale Accessories

Samsung Galaxy series owners are always looking for the hottest new accessories for their S III (s3), S IV (s4), Galaxy Light and Galaxy Legend phones. Retailers wanting to find this merchandise can search MyCoolCell’s great selection of trendy extras for smartphones like the Galaxy Rush, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Aviator and the Galaxy Appeal.

Many customers own these popular smartphones and need extras for their Galaxy Discover, Galaxy Express or Galaxy Prevail, Galaxy Aviator and Galaxy Appeal. Samsung is well known for large smartphones like the Galaxy Note 3, Note 2 and Galaxy Mega but they also make smaller phones such as the Galaxy Mini, Galaxy Freeform r380 and S4 Mini. The Galaxy tab is their tablet which runs on the Android operating system and comes with Bluetooth

connectivity. Other models are the S4 mini, Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Proclaim.

Many people want to own extra wall chargers for their Galaxy Stratosphere, Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy Rugby Pro phones, or to have car chargers while traveling. Chargers for the Galaxy 2, Galaxy Rush and other phones are all available wholesale through MyCoolCell. They also sell batteries for the many different Samsung smartphones including popular Galaxy Mini, S4 active, and Galaxy Mega phones. It is the best place for retailers to find and buy important devices for their Galaxy series customers.

Many of the Samsung smartphones including the Galaxy Legend, Galaxy Rush, and Galaxy Express come with some degree of Bluetooth compatibility, as does the Galaxy Tab. MyCoolCell offers retailers many different

kinds of Bluetooth devices which they can sell to their customers including headsets, headphones and speakers. Customers love these as gifts and accessories because they allow for their smartphones to go hands free and make listening to music and conversations even easier.

Customers want to make their S4, S4 active, Note 3 and other Galaxy series phones look at their very best. While some people want the right fit on their phone skins and cases for safety, others are looking to turn their Galaxy Exhibit, Galaxy Axiom, Galaxy Discover, Galaxy Prevail or Galaxy Admire into a fashion statement. At MyCoolCell retailers will find tons of different colors, prints and patterns for a range of smartphones including the Galaxy Amp, Galaxy Ring, and Galaxy Centura.

The right skins

and cases are very important. All phone protectors are customized for phones like the Note 2, Galaxy Freeform r380, Galaxy Exhibit, Galaxy Axiom and Galaxy Proclaim. There are dozens of galaxy phone models like Galaxy Stratosphere, Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Rugby Pro on the market and each has slightly different sizing, configurations, and touch screens so customers need to have cases, screen shields and covers to match.

At MyCoolCell, retailers can find thousands of different accessories for Galaxy series phones including the Galaxy Admire, Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Amp and Galaxy Centura. These are all ready to purchase and resell to the millions of customers needing both fun and essential extras for smartphones such as the Galaxy Light, S3/SIII and S4/SIV models.