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About Acellories

Based in Brooklyn and with over a decade of experience, Acellories is dedicated to providing top-quality cell phone accessories. MyCoolCell proudly offers Acellories bluetooth headset, earbuds, and power banks that were all designed with the customer’s utility and convenience in mind.

The Acellories Score BTH190 Bluetooth wireless stereo headset comes in black, silver, or rose gold. The earbuds are magnetic for portability and convenient storage when not in use. This headset provides stereo Hi-Fi sound with powerful bass and can connect to any bluetooth device up to 33 feet away.

The Acellories Hands Free Premium 3.5mm earbuds come in a variety of colors and also a sport version. These also come with a mic and volume control for readily accessible audio management.

The Acellories Power Bank Portable Charger also comes in different colors with the choice of 2200 mAh or  6000 mAh.

Lastly, the Acellories Travel Adapter comes with a 6 ft. USB cable in black, silver, or rose gold.



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