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About Ballistic

Ballistic engineers have taken their experience of testing military equipment through extremely harsh conditions and have applied the same discipline to designing cases. As a result, Ballistic has made some of the most durable cases in the wireless industry. Customers who carry Ballistic have peace of mind knowing that their case has maximum drop protection, shock absorption, impact reduction, scratch resistance, and even repels water. As people rely more heavily on their mobile devices every day, it’s crucial to ensure the device’s protection.

MyCoolCell shares Ballistic’s view of prioritizing protection and offers the best Ballistic options to achieve just that. Though the Ballistic Jewel Series has a slim and sleek design, the case is subtly packed with reinforced, interchangeable corners that protect against drops of up to 6FT. The Ballistic Tough Jacket Series case includes 3 layers for maximum support as well as the reinforced, removable corners. The embossed ridges of the top layer makes the device easier to grip, but even if it manages to slip, this case has been tested to withstand drops of up to 14FT. The Ballistic Tough Jacket Maxx Series includes all of the pieces of the Tough Jacket Series as well as a holster and heavy duty swivel clip so the phone is always easily accessible by the customer wherever they go. The Ballistic Urbanite Series has a clean design and contains 2 layers for support against drops of up to 12FT. The Ballistic Jewel Spark Series is similar to the Jewel series in sleek design and corner protection. However, with the transparency of the clear option and gradient of the rose gold and black option, you can see the honeycomb pattern of the internal layer.