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About Cellhelmet

Cellhelmet began as a quest for the most indestructible iPhone case. Along their quest, they managed to land a spot on ABC’s Shark Tank where they presented their innovative products to the sharks. Though the sharks didn’t bite, Cellhelmet’s dreams were just as crushed as their phones; they were not crushed at all. Millions had watched their proposal on the show, and Cellhelmet returned to their hometown in Pittsburgh to investors who gave them the funds to own and operate 18 Verizon stores. Today, Cellhelmet products can be found in 3000+ wireless stores in the United States.

MyCoolCell offers Liquid Glass Screen Protection, which is the #1 Selling Screen Protector for All Phones. Cellhelmet worked with the fact that smartphone screens are susceptible to damage because glass is a porous material. So in order to combat this, the main ingredient of Liquid Glass, Silicon Dioxide, fills in the pores and imperfections to create a stronger surface on a molecular level.

Additionally, Liquid Glass is universal to any mobile device, easy to apply, completely invisible, and is made in America. MyCoolCell also offers Liquid Glass+ and Liquid Glass Pro+ which come with a $100 or $300 screen repair guarantee, should it fail to protect your glass.