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LAUT goes beyond providing a safeguard for devices by designing cases with fashion style. LAUT has revolutionized the tech industry by creating statement pieces that encourage people that their everyday device can also be used to express their personality. With LAUT creations, customers no longer have to settle on plain and simple designs, but can choose a case that truly speaks to them while still giving their device the protection it needs.

With customers’ unique individuality in mind, MyCoolCell has handpicked quite a few bold and colorful LAUT options.

LAUT Tutti Frutti cases not only draw attention of the eyes but also the nose. With this interactive scratch-n-sniff case, fruit-lovers can get a whiff of cherry, lemon, or watermelon wherever and whenever.

LAUT Liquid Glitter cases add shine and brightness to anyone’s day! When tilted, the glitter or confetti within the cases moves around, like holding a snow globe in the palm of one’s hand. From floral patterns to phrases like “Good Vibes Only” and “I Believe in Unicorns,” LAUT Liquid Glitter cases are made to match fun personalities.

LAUT Mineral Glass cases are modeled after natural rock and resemble the look of marble tile. The metallic veins within the swirl pattern reflect in the light to add a subtle pop. LAUT Mineral Glass cases give a modern twist to the elegant marble trend that dates back to ancient Rome and Greece.

LAUT Pinnacle cases serve as reminders of nature and the outdoors. The woodgrain look and texture of these cases brings one out of the hustle-and-bustle of work or city life and onto a forest mountaintop.

Last but not least, MyCoolCell offers a wide variety of LAUT AirPods cases that include pastel color, polka dot pattern, marble pattern, and translucent options. Most are made with a silicone grip that’s a perfect fit and also easy to clean.



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