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About Pelican

Pelican was founded in 1976 by Dave Parker and his wife Arline in their Torrance, California garage. As a hardcore scuba enthusiast, Dave recognized the need for rugged cases and after years of dedication, was able to build and patent protector cases that would not fail. Since then, Pelican’s company has grown, being acquired by and acquiring companies while also expanding offices internationally. Pelican has an arsenal of tough-as-nails products that are built to last a lifetime and are depended on by professionals in the most demanding markets including fire / safety, law enforcement, life sciences, defense / military, aerospace, entertainment, industrial and consumer.

MyCoolCell is constantly amazed to hear customer stories of how Pelican’s uncompromising protection got their devices through the roughest of adventures and harshest of environments.

The Adventurer Series was expertly crafted and is the slimmest, impact-absorbing case on the market. Pelican's soft-grip HPX technology teams up with a rigid outer shell to provide dual-layer protection without compromising functionality.

The Ambassador Series promotes protection as much as it promotes luxurious style. The crystal clear back shows off the look of the phone while also preventing scratches. The raised bevel edge comes in different colors while also keeping screens safe from drops.

The Protector Series, which has the same product DNA found in equipment used by first responders and armed forces, defends against extreme wind-driven snow, rain and dust. The tough chamfer external design deflects energy while the Elastromeric Copolymer rubber interior absorbs shock and impact.

The Voyager Series serves as a first line of defense against rugged drops, invasive dirt particles and sharp-edged attacks to the screen. Multiple layers of rigid polycarbonate and energy-absorbing TPR work together to protect the precious cargo within: the device.