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How many times have you dropped your phone in your face while laying in bed texting or scrolling through Facebook? Or wanted to watch a movie on your phone but your hand started to cramp after holding it for 20 minutes? Maybe you need a place to wrap your headphones. PopSockets are here and have all the answers. What is a PopSocket you may ask? Expanding Magic! They are fashionable accessories that not only look good, but offer some much needed assistance in your everyday mobile life.

PopSockets make for the perfect grip while texting or taking the perfect selfie. You can set your phone down and catch up on all the latest videos. Since they stick to any surface, they make for the perfect mobile accessory. Stick it to your phone, your Go-Pro, or your mobile gaming device. All you need to do is pop and expand and you’re ready to go!

MyCoolCell is a proud authorized distributor and would love to get you started on your PopSocket journey. If you have experienced any of these mobile challenges, you can be sure your customers have too. Be sure to contact your account manager and place your PopSockets order today!