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From the iPhone 5/5S to Samsung Galaxy S5, your customers hold an eclectic array of devices that demand the best accessories. Your products reflect customer dedication and professionalism so you can only carry the best. PureGear's accessory track record in the marketplace is competitive with only a few top names. From cables to a tempered glass screen protector, accessories from PureGear and MyCoolCell are your keys to a successful business day.

Who can go without a charge-sync cable for a day? Almost every customer uses these cables for charging or syncing with their laptop on a daily basis. Don't let those iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy Note 4 customers down with no cables in stock. With low-cost bulk pricing, MyCoolCell makes it incredibly affordable to have a strong stock every day. Customers look to you for all their accessory needs without any disappointment.

Those cables need the newest USB 3.0 connection to make data transfer quick and easy, even on the go. Check out our traditional wall charger accessories, allowing any iPhone 6 Plus or other device to gain power as quickly as possible. These durable chargers are built with the strongest materials, knowing that customers will throw them in bags or leave them plugged in for long periods of time. Anytime power is needed, PureGear doesn't let them down.

For the fastest charge, try the Qualcomm Quick Charge feature on our car chargers. PureGear makes it a point to add in their amazing technology so your customers aren't chained to a charger for hours on end. Charge it and get going.

You know your customers have more than one device, especially when several people are packed into a car for a long road trip. Outfit the vehicle with a dual USB car charger. Plug in two separate cables to charge two different devices. Although this process may take some time as power is divided out, your customers will be thrilled with the chance to attach two devices at once. MyCoolCell makes sure to stock all of PureGear's best accessories to cover your inventory at any time.

Case and cover accessories are number one sellers for good reason. Each device costs several hundred dollars, making it a literal computer tucked into a pocket. PureGear offers their Slim Shell design for busy people. These cases conform to the device's shape while protecting them with a stylish design creation. Fitting any cellphone case in the pocket is often difficult, but PureGear makes it easy to slide it into a back pocket when necessary.

If your customers drop their devices periodically, turn to PureGear's DualTek case design. It appears slim, but has incredible shock resistance for those possible drops. Device protection doesn't have to be bulky either. Although DualTek is thicker than the Slim Shell, the case still feels comfortable in the hand for daily use.

PureGear even takes care of tablet fans with products protecting 7-8 inch and 9-10 inch devices. Stock the universal tablet folio to whip out a device with flourish without harming its outside housing. When it comes to stylish and strong accessories, MyCoolCell and PureGear are ready to serve your customers' needs.