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Zizo Wireless is a family company based out of Southern California. They have been leaders in the industry for manufacturing and designing the most stylish, protective, and cost effective cell phone cases. About a decade was spent in truly understanding customer needs and it has rewardingly led to the creation of the Zizo Bolt Series, which was awarded “Toughest Case of 2018” by CNET.

MyCoolCell, which is practically a neighbor to Zizo, has the privilege of selling Zizo’s exclusive cases, tempered glass, charging solutions, pouches, speakers, mounts, earbuds, and more.

Out of Zizo’s heavy duty cases, the Bolt Series is of course the most well-known due to its patented dual-layer design of rugged outer shell guard and shock-absorbing inner core that protects the phone from all angles. The Bolt also includes a built-in kickstand and rotating belt lanyard. The Atom Series, Static Series, and Electro Series are other heavy duty options worth checking out.

If customers need a slimmer yet still heavily guarded case, MyCoolCell carries Zizo’s Ion Series, Refine Series, and Fuse Series. Each are equipped with enforced bumpers to absorb shock and ensure the safety of the phone should it drop.

Though Zizo’s heavy duty and slim case options come in multiple colors, customers may prefer some with a little more oomph and pizzazz. The Division Series stands out from the rest in that it gives shockproof dual layer protection and the design is unique. The top of the case can differ from the bottom of the case in color, pattern, and texture, making it pop. The Wanderlust Series and Stellar Series have sparkle, glitter and rhinestones that make it impossible for your phone not to catch the eye. Zizo’s Wallet Cases and Wallet Pouches provide a sophisticated look while also providing the practicality of having everything in one place

One of MyCoolCell’s most popular screen protectors is the Zizo Tempered Glass Screen Protector, available in many sizes to fit many device models and thick enough to provide scratch resistance. Some come with a manufacturer warranty as well.

At the top of this page, you’ll see the Zizo Z4 True Wireless Bluetooth Headset under the Best Sellers section. These wireless earbuds are designed for ergonomics, easy storage, noise reduction, and advanced surround sound quality. Be sure to check out MyCoolCell’s plethora of other Zizo accessories like these bluetooth and hand-free accessories, charging solutions, mounts, etc.