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The WHOOSH! team actually started out making non-toxic and environmentally safe auto-detailing products until one day, Jason accidentally knocked the all-in-one spray quick wash for cars onto his iPad and when he wiped it off, it “shined” like new. Upon recommendations from a friend, the team labeled and filled thousands of samples to be market-tested at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and WHOOSH! was recognized as the most innovative product of 2014.

Since then, WHOOSH! has been recognized around the world for championing the Tech Hygiene movement and has won Twice VIP Awards 2016, Parent Tested and Parent Approved, and Canada’s Top New Growth Companies 2016.

Even MyCoolCell has seen its fair share of dirty, grimy screens and is so relieved that WHOOSH! provides a superior, environmentally safe solution that keep devices clean. Being a family-oriented company, MyCoolCell values how WHOOSH! removes germs and bacteria, making devices sanitary for children and loved ones.

WHOOSH! antimicrobial microfiber Cloths are designed to clean ALL screens, consumer electronics & devices in a way that is non-abrasive and won’t harm the screen.

WHOOSH! Screen Shine leaves a thin, invisible coating that protects screens against dust, smudges, skin oils & fingerprints. Its ingredients are 100% natural, non-hazardous, non-toxic, alcohol-free, and ammonia-free. Screen Shine is available in pocket spray bottles of multiple sizes (starting from as small as 8ML), commercial bottles, and also wipe packs to suit any customer’s preference.

If reading all this isn’t convincing enough, then invest in a WHOOSH! Try Me Display for customers to test the product for themselves and see their own devices shine like new.



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