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Every cellphone accessory retailer has seen those phones being turned over on a shiny checkout table to reveal dirty and grimy screens. You have the power to help those customers out with Whoosh products from MyCoolCell. With no harmful residues, Whoosh products are actually screen cleaners with non toxic, alcohol free and ammonia free ingredients. Tell your customers all about these handy products for every device, including the Galaxy S6, iPad and Galaxy Note 4.

Start your inventory out with Whoosh Go. It's safe for all screens, as is all of Whoosh's products, and it comes in a 1 oz container. If your customers are always on the go, they can add the .3 oz Pocket to their own pocket. All they have to do is carefully spray the Whoosh on their tablets, smartphone or laptops to have streak-free screen shine. Whoosh even supplies their very own anti-microbial cloth with their products, making consumers even happier with their cleaning accessory.

For the ultimate cleaning, offer your customers the Duo+. This combination pack offers the small Whoosh along with a large, 3.4 oz spray. Suggest this specialized polish for all customer computer monitors or even their LG G4 and iPhone 6. They'll be amazed at how heavy use doesn't deter the cleanliness factor.

At MyCoolCell, we know your inventory demands the very best in cleaning supplies. Whoosh offers anti-static features and even resists fingerprints. Your customers can finally have a sanitary device for their kids and loved ones. If possible, offer a demonstration of the Whoosh spray on a customer's device. Seeing the spray in action gives them a real thrill at the daily cleanliness possibilities. MyCoolCell wants your customers to come back for more than just cleaning supplies next time. Your inventory can provide them with everything possible for their favorite device.