AT&T Phone Accessories Wholesale

In the battle for cell phone carrier supremacy, it seems that AT&T will stay near the top no matter what its competition does. From California to New York, Florida to Washington state, AT&T has a presence in nearly every wireless market in the United States.

When it comes to smartphones, AT&T ranks #2 in the nation, just behind Verizon. Verizon controls about 37 percent of the smartphones in the U.S.; AT&T controls almost 28 percent. With so much control over the cell phone market, there's a very good chance that your store is catering to AT&T customers. As such, you owe it to yourself to know about the most popular AT&T phones and the most popular accessories for those phones. Here's a quick run-down.

The iPhone used to be the dream phone of choice for most smartphone owners; these days, the iPhone may very well be eclipsed by the Samsung Galaxy. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is the latest in the line of Samsung Galaxies, and you'd better believe that AT&T is carrying this phone for its smartphone customers.

The first Samsung Galaxy S6 accessory that AT&T customers will be seeking out will probably be a case. Cell phone cases are big business; no one wants to pay hundreds of dollars for a phone only to watch it shatter a few weeks later due to a clumsy drop. Between their own past experience and the horror stories they've heard from friends, new Galaxy owners are going to be quick to buy a case for their fancy new phone.

You can thank the competition provided by the Samsung Galaxy for AT&T's latest deals on the iPhone 6. The website Mashable recently published an article about a limited-time deal from AT&T on discount prices for the iPhone, HTC One M9 and Samsung phones. Expect to see more discounts like this from AT&T as they continue to fight Verizon and Sprint to maintain market share.

As for iPhones, cases will also be a hot accessory. iPhones are also closely associated with music, so mobile speakers and docking stations will continue to be top-selling accessories for iPhone owners. At MyCoolCell, we offer excellent wholesale prices on mobile speakers that your customers will love. A mobile speaker turns an iPhone into a portable stereo but without taking up much space.

The third big name supported by AT&T is the HTC One M9. Like the Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone, you'll definitely want to carry custom-sized cases for the HTC One. A fresh brand that we suggest you check out is Musobo. The Hong Kong-based case manufacturer makes sleek, stylish cases for the three major brands of smart phone mentioned here.

The items mentioned above are just a small sample of the wholesale accessories offered by MyCoolCell. From cases to car chargers, Bluetooth to BodyGlove, we have all the accessories and all the brand names that your AT&T customers will want. With the world moving inescapably in the direction of smartphones and AT&T leading that charge, your store should be leading the charge in offering smartphone accessories and accessories for other mobile devices.