Cricket Phones & Accessories Wholesale

Somewhat less well known amid all the talk of Verizon's "most" and AT&T's "best" is Cricket, a highly underrated but no less capable cell carrier. Cricket boasts 4G LTE speeds on a truly nationwide network; if you put in your zip code on Cricket's website, chances are very good that you'll find your area well-represented in Cricket's network. Given its somewhat "underdog" status, it'll be important for Cricket customers to know that they will have a source for accessorizing their phones.

Cricket primarily offers two types of phones, each with their own distinct advantages and drawbacks: Android-powered phones and basic cell phones. Cricket's Android phones include popular choices such as the HTC Desire 510, the ZTE Prelude 2, and the Motorola Moto E. Photo, video, GPS, email, and web browsing are just some of the advantages that an Android smartphone has to offer. More basic cell phone offerings include the Samsung Galaxy S6, the LG Optimus L70, and the Nokia Lumia 635.

These are phones for the customer who wants their phone to just be a phone: for making calls and sending text messages. To put it simply, Cricket is the carrier for customers who need fully capable cell phones without paying for every last bell and whistle that, for example, Samsung and Apple's more expensive handsets have to offer. In other words, Cricket caters to the customer who wants everything they need and nothing they don't. To call it a ʺbudgetʺ cell carrier would be only half the truth. Let's call them instead a carrier for the ʺdiscerningʺ customer.

Cricket's cell phones also support the most popular varieties of accessories out there; for example, many customers desire additional wall chargers around the house, or perhaps a car charger to keep in the family automobile for longer journeys, to ensure that their phone is fully charged when they reach their eventual destination. Cell phone cases are also an undoubtedly popular choice among new phone owners; they want to know that their cell phone will last beyond that first, accidental, and perhaps unavoidable drop on the unforgiving concrete. But it's not enough to carry just any case; customers want variety in material and design, from flip-style cases to open-front designs, and from leather to silicone.

Cell phone cases need to be as varied in color and design as people's personalities. You're probably going to want to cater to the customer who demands more storage for their new Cricket phone; removable memory cards are a popular choice for cell phone users, offering not only a way to bolster their phone's included storage, but offer removability for compatibility with other devices, such as a personal computer.

Cricket is a vastly underrated cell carrier and deserves to be well represented among accessory carriers. Sign up for a reseller account today to gain access to our full line of cell phone and smartphone accessories at wholesale prices sure to make you smile.