MetroPCS Phones and Accessories Wholesale

You may not know it, but MetroPCS is the fifth largest telecommunications network in the United States. This growth is due, in part, to its 2012 merger with T-Mobile. This merger allowed MetroPCS to begin using T-Mobile’s 4-G LTE Network on many of its phone models. Together MetroPCS and T-Mobile cover 11.7% of the United States wireless market. A number that continues to grow.

One reason for MetroPCS’ popularity is their flat-rate price plans. These plans, at $40, $50 and $60 offer features and options that vary with each plan. Furthermore, MetroPCS offers customers the option of bringing their phone from other networks, which would subsequently be unlocked and able to be used on MetroPCS’ network.

So who is switching to MetroPCS and using their service? Well, simply put, a lot of people. Their great rates and cheap phones make it a very wise decision for people who need simple and flat rate cellular plans. Also, through their plans, MetroPCS offers unlimited talk, text and web service, which is rarely heard of with other carriers. Many other carriers offer a bunch of neat and extra features and benefits, however these aren’t always necessary for some individuals. Those looking for a clear-cut service can rely on MetroPCS to provide them what they need.

MetroPCS offers some of the most advanced and sought after smartphones on the market. Their 4G compatible phones include models from LG, like the Optimus F60, L70, and Leon; the ZTE ZMAX and Aspect models; and the extremely popular, Samsung Galaxy S6. For customers that do not need a 4G capable phone, there are also many other options offered by brands, including HTC, Samsung, Huawei, LG, and ZTE. These brands are all very popular and come from reliable companies that customers can trust.

At MyCoolCell, you can find a variety of wholesale accessories that your customers can pair with their mobile devices. Only half the fun of a new phone is the phone itself. The other part that opens up the phone to a whole new level of enjoyment is the accessories your customers will want to add to the device. MyCoolCell offers a variety of accessory options that are specific to certain models, or can be used on any MetroPCS device.

Having a hands free accessory, like a Bluetooth headset, adds to safety and comfort while doing everyday tasks. In some cities and states, a Bluetooth headset is required if you are using the phone while driving. This is very important to consider for customers who purchase a MetroPCS phone. You can find many Bluetooth options, from Jawbone to Plantronics and more from MyCoolCell that your customers will be sure to enjoy and need for their new device.

Unfortunately, too often phones are broken due to accidentally dropping them or not giving them enough protection. MyCoolCell has many cases, and protector covers that will work perfectly for each device model MetroPCS offers. You can find solid print cases, floral designs, protective bumper cases, and more that will keep your phone device safe, while also looking very stylish.

At MyCoolCell, you can find phone accessories and products that your customers will be anxious to get their hands on. And by using MyCoolCell as a reseller, you will also qualify for great wholesale prices that will grow your profits.