Sprint Phones & Accessories Wholesale

Sprint is one of the biggest cell phone carriers out there, offering the latest smart phones and some of the only data plans that can truly be called "unlimited." Neither Verizon nor AT&T can make this claim any longer. For the discerning cell customer, Sprint is an obvious choice. But choosing a carrier is just the first part of the process. Choosing a phone, and the right accessories, comes later.

Sprint offers all of the most popular smartphones, from the Android-powered HTC One M7 to the Samsung Galaxy S4. Apple is well represented at Sprint as well: customers can choose from Apple's latest handsets, from the powerful iPhone 4S to the ridiculously fast and light iPhone 5. Whether the customer is an Android user or an iOS fan, Sprint

has a phone for each of them, not to mention a convenient selection of basic cell phones for those who travel a little lighter, data-wise.

Of course, Sprint also offers solutions for people who want a cell phone without the usual long-term commitment. Sprint offers pay as you go options such as the Samsung Array and the LG Optimus Elite.

Part of the ritual of buying a new phone is buying the right accessories to go with it. The latest cell phones might be fast and powerful, but they are not indestructible; nobody wants to ruin a cell phone with an errant drop or accidental spill. Cell phones should last until the customer doesn't want to use it anymore. Sprint customers are going to want to know that the phone they choose has all kinds

of useful and protective cases available. A cell phone case is often the first thing a new phone owner considers on their way out of a Sprint store; they'll want to choose from the latest styles and materials, from leather to silicone, to protect their cell phone.

Even the phone's screen deserves a little special consideration. Phone screens are getting bigger, brighter, and sharper. That said, the beauty of these phone screens are still all too easily marred by fingerprints and scratches. Screen protectors are a popular choice among smartphone owners. The stick-on variety is quite popular, offering completely transparent, crystal clear, and unobtrusive protection. You might not even know there's anything between your eyes and the screen.

Some users buy extra chargers on day one to keep in specific places, or perhaps opt for a car charger so they've got power wherever they need it. Many phones these days come equipped with GPS and mapping software; customers want to know that their phone's battery will have power all the way to their destination.

Cell phones are as widely varied as customers' needs and tastes. Whatever phone they choose, and whatever lifestyle they live, they'll want to know that somebody out there caters to their specific needs, and MyCoolCell will help resellers like yourself do just that.Open a retailer account today and gain full access to our wholesale prices that are sure to put a smile on your face, plus get fast courteous customer service too.