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The Best Selection of Accessories for US Cellular Customers

Cell phones have become ubiquitous in today's fast-moving, highly mobile culture. However, along with that ubiquity comes confusion: 3G, 4G, different types of phones and carriers and accessories, what does it all mean? Customers want to know that there's a place they can go for straight talk - a place where they can get what they need. MyCoolCell is the place to go to accessorize that shiny new phone, particularly for customers coming from US Cellular, currently the sixth largest cell service carrier.

From the most powerful iOS and Android-powered smartphones to the most basic phones, US Cellular, one of America's leading cellular service providers, have a phone for every lifestyle. From the fastest and

most powerful smartphones to basic phones and even tablets, US Cellular has something to satisfy every need.

Of course, protecting that phone is a significant consideration for new phone owners. It can be deeply frustrating to walk out of a cell phone store with an immaculate new phone, all excited to start making the most of its abilities, only to drop it on the pavement somewhere. When customers buy a cell phone, they want it to last; they want to know that it has a degree of durability and ruggedness as they come and go. With that in mind, customers are going to want an excellent selection of screen protectors and cases to provide protection from accidental drops, falls, and spills. And in many ways, the

selection of a phone case has become a ritualistic part of buying a new cell phone.

Besides cases, there are all manner of accessories for those who want to fully accessorize and improve the capabilities of their new phone. While most cell phones come with their own chargers, many people may be interested in additional chargers, maybe to keep in a different room of the house, or perhaps to delegate to the carry-on bag for the frequent traveler. Car chargers are also a popular choice for those who use their phone as a GPS to get from point A to point B.

As cell phones become more capable devices, they also demand greater storage capabilities. Additional storage can be offered to customers in the form of flash

memory cards. These are an inexpensive way to dramatically increase the storage capacity of cell phones that support memory cards.

Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Alltel, US Cellular... they all have claims for having the "best," the "fastest," and the "greatest" cell coverage and reception out there, but this isn't the only consideration for customers; they also want to know that they're getting the best selection of accessories, and you will find them for your retail customers right here at MyCoolCell, where it's simply understood that a happy customer is a customer for life, so open a reseller account today to gain access to our excellent wholesale prices, and get fast friendly customer service included.