Verizon Phones & Accessories Wholesale

Verizon Wireless is a company that doesn't really need much of an introduction. For quite some time, they've been one of the leaders in telecommunication. It doesn't seem as if they'll be slowing down any time soon, either.

At current, Verizon Wireless has over 116 million subscribers in the United States, which makes the company the number one mobile network operator in the United States. Founded in 2000, Verizon has been one of the companies who have been on the cutting edge for a while now, offering some of the most advanced phones, plans, and accessories for those people looking for something comprehensive.

Since their inception, the company has racked up more than a few

awards, including designations of being the "Best Overall Carrier" and "Best Wireless Product" a multitude of times since 2004. This is just a sampling of the amount of awards that they've won as a provider, as they routinely accumulate more every cycle.

In being one of the largest providers, there's really something for everyone who decides to use their service. Not only will a person be able to choose from any of their top of the line phones, they can also enjoy some of the best customer service that the industry has to offer. If anything, this is one of the prevailing reasons why Verizon routinely collects customers who are in the market for a great device.

While customer service is something that retains customers, Verizon has made themselves stand apart from a lot of carriers because of the variety of phones that they have. In fact, every mobile manufacturer is well represented here - LG, Apple, Blackberry, Motorola and Google. Furthermore, any prospective customer will be happy to know that there isn't a shortage of different mobile operating systems, either.

In short, Verizon is definitely the highest echelon of carriers available in the United States. Of course, any carrier that has the gamut of Apple and Android devices will perform well.

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