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The Virgin Mobile brand of telecommunications exists within a vast amount of locations across the globe. The United States, Canada, France, Australia, Poland, India, Columbia, Chile, South Africa and the United Kingdom all offer some form of service under this brand name. Virgin Mobile USA is a prepaid service owned by the Sprint Nextel Corporation since 2009. The company offers affordable monthly prepaid services with high quality reception and data. Virgin Mobile USA uses Sprint Nextel’s 1900 MHz PCS CDMA digital and LTE networks, which are well distributed throughout the United States.

If you are offering Virgin Mobile services in your store, you will see many customers who want to come from post-paid providers. Most people

who come to Virgin Mobile are cost conscious people who like high quality services for less money. Virgin mobile offers rate plan prices that are definitely hard to beat. Consumers who are into high technology can receive unlimited data services, messaging and voice minutes for as little as $55 per month. Those who use data more than they talk can purchase a plan with unlimited data and limited minutes for $35. Customers who want to keep their payments slim can choose a payLo plan and pay $20 per month for services. Not many providers can compete with the quality of the services and the low monthly payment offerings.

Since Virgin Mobile has excellent services and a healthy selection of cell phones, you will want to keep your

store stocked with the appropriate inventory. You must have a surplus of the types of phones that people desire most, which are iPhones and Android powered devices. Some examples of phones that work on the Virgin Mobile network are the iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Samsung Galaxy Victory, the HTC One V, and the Optimus V. You will also want to have an adequate inventory of low-end phones for the people who want to reduce monthly costs. A few names of some inexpensive phones are the Chaser, the Samsung Montage, and the Kyocera Kona.

You will also want to be fully stocked with cell phone accessories. The most important accessories you want to have in your store are cases, car chargers and memory cards. Almost every customer

will want to purchase a cell phone case. Cases protect phones from physical and liquid damage. They also help a consumer to personalize his or her phone. You can select a variety of leather cases, gel cases, pouches, and more. Car chargers are a necessity for consumers who travel a lot. Most Android devices do not have long battery lives. Therefore, you want to always keep a high stock of those. Additionally, you can always sell memory cards based on the person’s desire to take pictures and store music.

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