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MyCoolCell is committed to your success! We are partnered with industry leading organizations to make doing business easier. We’ve personally selected the coolest Integration Solution Partners to bring you all the services you need. From Retail Management Systems to insurance programs - we’ve got you covered! Contact your account manager for more info.


Integration made easy. Simply add items to the MyCoolCell shopping cart, checkout, and allow the integration to do all the remaining leg-work. Once checked out with a completed sale, our backend processes will not only communicate your order to the MyCoolCell system, it will also immediately create your purchase order within RQ. Having previously confirmed availability from the website, MyCoolCell will already be picking and packing your order upon receiving the online submission. Once your shipment is received at the store, simply login to RQ and receive the products into your POS system. It's that simple. learn more

RepairQ was created to be your comprehensive retail management software (RMS). With customers in over 12+ countries and constant development, RepairQ provides all the features and tools you need to grow your business. Check out the primary features below and start putting your business in focus.

Point of sale, customer relationship management, inventory management, integrated ordering, custom reporting and accounting journals are all core features of RepairQ that enable you to manage your work with ease. learn more

Widely recognized in the industry as the POS solution with the most powerful back office. We offer advance features and functionality as well as best-in-class implementation support.

B2B Soft has more than 15 years of experience helping dealers manage and grow their business and Wireless Stand can be found in 10,000+ locations and powers more than 2 million transactions each month. B2B Soft also offers a cloud-based POS system for members of the Hospitality and Retail industries called eHopper and an ERP solution built to meet the unique needs of the Wireless Industry. learn more

An integrated solution for tracking serialized and non-serialized inventory, the modules offer decision making tools for ordering, fulfillment ease for saled order processing, and metric reporting for sales tracking.

EzLogic Data System prides itself on meeting the needs of its customers. Through experience, it has developed core products that establish a strong operating platform for any company. Whether using these core products alone, or in tandem with enhancements and customizations, the solution is EZ. learn more

RepairDesk is a SaaS based integrated POS & ERP software designed specifically for cell phone repair industry so owners can focus primarily on growing their business and worry less about paper work. RepairDesk allows users to keep track of items for repair, set deadlines, assign employee certain tasks, save customer information, collect deposits, print repair tickets, and manage invoices and receipts. RepairDesk also notifies employees when certain supplies are running low, and gives in-depth analytics that help businesses anticipate demand. learn more

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